VLOG: 3 Minute Hairstyle Challenge – Camille Co vs. Mhunoiii

Some time around May of last year, I flew to Singapore to film my first ever series of vlogs with Stylehaul and Pantene. It took a while but after a full year, they’re finally here, ready to be shared with you guys!!!! Woooot! You can check the 2 hair tutorials I did on Pantene Philippine’s channel here (spring prom hairstyles) and here (3 easy braids).

As a bonus, I’m also sharing this collaboration video I did with Thai youtube star Sray (a.k.a Mhunoiii) while we were in Singapore. Produced by Stylehaul, we were challenged to do the 3 minute challenge wherein we have to complete 2 hairstyles within 3 minutes each. The first hairstyle is the low ponytail with a twist (which you can see me do more properly in my Pantene spring prom hairstyles video); and the second hairstyle is the braided half updo (which I also do more properly in my Pantene “3 easy braids” video).

Now before you go ahead and watch this video, I must tell you that I was a vlog AND hair tutorial AND hair braid newbie then, as opposed to Sray who is basically just the master of the vlog tutorial world. Again, let me reiterate: this was filmed all the way back in May 2015. I guess you can already tell from my defensiveness how I faired in this challenge. LOL.


12 Responses to “VLOG: 3 Minute Hairstyle Challenge – Camille Co vs. Mhunoiii”
  1. Eloisa Abella

    Beautiful ladies! You guys look like you’re related to each other by blood

  2. Nelayish

    You and Sray are both cute anyway :) It is okay at least you can braid your own hair. Me I can’t do it either for myself.

    • Camille Co

      Haha! I’m so much better now with braids. Practice practice practice! :) You can do it too!

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