VLOG: My Multi-Colored Hair Transformation

I’ve always wanted to try fashion colors on my hair. There was without a doubt in my head that I wanted to one day rock them and take my hair to the next level–the level of that of a unicorn slash My Little Pony. For the longest time, I’ve been collecting hair pegs on my phone, taking screencaps of all the pretty red / plum / red violet / purple / lavender / ash lavender / blue violet / pastel pink / silver hair color combinations I see online. Hoping that one day, I’d be showing it to that awesome hair stylist I’ve entrusted my hair to.

You see, I’m very picky with the salons and hair stylists I go to, especially when it comes to dyeing my hair. Hair coloring and most especially if it requires bleaching can really do a number on one’s hair. Trust me, I would know. This is why I always make sure that whatever salon I choose to go to, it must have highly-skilled hair stylists and topnotch hair products so unnecessary hair damage is avoided.

Enter Singapore’s Salon Vim. I’ve been stalking them on Instagram for quite some time before I finally decided that it is THE ONE. And I can not be happier with this decision. Salon Vim’s owner and head hair stylist John took my pegs and merged his vision with them to come up with the most badass unicorn hair ever. Watch my video below to know all about the process I went through and how I maintain my hair color which up to this day is still shining bright as ever.

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23 Responses to “VLOG: My Multi-Colored Hair Transformation”
  1. Stephanie

    Hi Camille, which Salon Vim branch did you go to? 313@Somerset, Wisma Atria, or Bugis? Thank you! I love your hair colour, by far the best one 😍

  2. Aliza Gomez

    Hello, you look amazing in the colors. I’ve always wanted to try at least for once some color on my hair but I was worried that dying may damage my hair. may be someday I will get out pf this dilemma and finally have some color on my hair. Thanks for the inspiring post.

    • Camille Co

      Maybe do it slowly :) And then see from there how your hair reacts :)

  3. @jhayceedlc

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE you hair color. :)
    Very bright and fun. This is so far my favorite color of yours.

  4. Elizabeth T.

    Loving your hair so much Camille! <3 :) Hahaha I've actually wanted to try a really light, platinum blonde (so light that it's almost silver), but I've been too scared to try it because I know the toll bleach can have on hair. Your stylist did such a great job! Looks fabulous!

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Elizabeth! Always consult a stylist first. I actually wanted silver steaks but to achieve that, they have to bleach those parts for the 3rd time and my stylist didn’t allow that any more. Next time <3

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