VLOG: My Anti-Acne Skincare

My oily skin gives me breakouts every now and then. They’re a part of my life but I’ve somehow managed to keep them at a minimum (or none at all) thanks to these products I’m about to share with you. None of them are sponsored. They’re all my tried and tested products that work for […]


VLOG: Boyfriend Buys My Makeup + Sephora Unboxing

Continuing the month-long boyfriend feature on my channel with another exciting video with ze boyfriend and Sephora Philippines! This time, Joni was tasked to shop for me at Sephora.PH, with PhP 10,000 (approx. USD 200) to spend and nothing else to guide him. To be fair, this was after he did my makeup and I […]


How To Stay Youthful

“Oh, wait ’til you reach your 30s,” warned my friend who’s been there and done that. “Once you’re 30, everything starts coming out.” Update: I’m 6 months away from turning 30. Do I just give up now and accept my inevitable doom? A tad bit dramatic I know, but didn’t you just read what my […]


VLOG: Skin Talk With Olay in Cincinnati + Harvard Tour in Boston

Earlier this year, Olay invited me to Cincinnati and Boston to be one of the first to experience their latest products. Now, I’ve always told you guys I’m no expert when it comes to beauty. I’m one of those girls who just use whatever is available to them and hope to dear God the products […]


In All Fairness

When I first saw this funky little thing, I thought to myself, “what in the world is this??!?!” I mean, it looks like a Storm Trooper mask or that thing murderers use in horror/suspense movies! LOL. It’s definitely¬†not something I’ve seen in beauty stores before. What a novel little thing! Apparently, it’s called the Fine […]


VLOG: My Makeup Collection and Storage + Giveaway

You asked for it, so here it is! My makeup collection and storage for all of you to see. I don’t really splurge on makeup and skincare so much but I’ve been fortunate enough to work with beauty brands and companies that have contributed to my humble collection. And for this, I am forever thankful. […]


Maintaining My Skin

I’ve had really fair skin all my life. I remember back in high school my friends would tease me that my skin was turning transparent because it was that white. I guess this is the reason why I used to never really bother maintaining my fair complexion. I could stay all day under the sun, […]


VLOG: Korean Style Makeup Tutorial + K-Beauty Makeup Giveaway From Seoul

I’m going to Seoul Fashion Week with Makeup Plus App! YAAAY! To celebrate, here’s a Korean Style Makeup tutorial + Makeup App Plus Tutorial (a.k.a. how to get selfie perfect makeup through an app) + K-Beauty Makeup GIVEAWAY! In this video, I’m showing you how to get that Korean makeup look in 2 ways–through actual […]


VLOG: #OwnIt

The internet is a scary place. This is a fact I was very much aware of even before starting my own blog. Not a lot¬†of you know that one of the many reasons I was apprehensive to start my own blog (hence the word “tries” on Camille Tries To Blog) was the fear of getting […]


VLOG: Mornings With Me

I’ve always been a morning person but despite this fact, I used to never pay much attention to a complete morning routine. Of course, I never skip taking a shower and grabbing breakfast, but when it comes to a morning SKINCARE routine, I just couldn’t be bothered. In fact, it’s only recently that I started […]