Skin Is In

I’m sure this isn’t a dilemma for all but for those like me who aren’t blessed with ample bosoms to confirm that they are indeed a woman (LOL), wearing backless dresses can pose a problem. Going braless isn’t really an option for us because then we wouldn’t be able to create the illusion of having […]


Class Of 2013

Varsity jackets, don’t they remind you of the good old high school days? I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but sometimes, I wish I was back in school. No need to worry about all the problems and stress that adulthood brings. All I have to worry about are my grades, competitions and petty little […]


Holiday Gift Guide

You can finally open my new blog post! I know a lot of you were trying to open this post yesterday but for some reason, my blog decided to create a little suspense and refused to let you read my awesome holiday gift guide. LOL! But at least it’s working now. All’s well that ends […]


Proud To Be An Olay Woman

I never thought of myself as textbook pretty. I was never that picture perfect girl–at least in my eyes (which is probably why you won’t find a lot of selfies on my Instagram.). Whenever I’d get complimented about my physical appearance, I always get uncomfortable and think they’re probably just saying that because they’re being […]


To The Max

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you. I am now a carrot top! Move over, Archie! I’m not used to it still but I needed to dye my hair this color in order to transition from a dark red to a lighter color, so I’m stuck with this for now. It’s slowly growing on me […]


And Bingo Was His Name-O

People ask me how I prepare for the fall/winter season fashion-wise. This is how. Since we don’t really have fall/winter here in the Philippines, it would be foolish of me to wear wool and fur coats in a tropical country like ours. The next best thing is just to stock up on fall/winter colors and […]


One-Sided Love

Looks like I’m taking holiday dressing seriously! Here’s another option for you. If you’re the femme fatale kind of girl, try this asymmetric number. Show off your legs and arms– actually let me correct that, show off your leg and arm. LOL! This dress not only has an asymmetric shoulder but a one-sided hem as […]


Cobalt Blue

Now this is a sexy jumpsuit perfect for all the parties you’ll be attending. It’s the kind of outfit you should wear when you’re not entirely sure if the attire for the party is dressy or casual, because it can go both ways. Just wear a blazer over it during the day (or not, if you’re […]


Daddy’s Girl

I can now officially say that each and every member of my family has taken my outfit shots for my blog. Hooray! I never thought this day would come! So who’s the last member? It’s none other than my dear daddy-o! I remember when I first learned I was flying to Singapore with him. I […]


Everything You Need To Know For Bloggers United 6

Woohoo! It’s that time of the year again! Time for another installment of Bloggers United (BU), one of my favorite events ever! I can’t believe this is already the 6th time we’re doing this. For those of you who are unfamiliar with BU, let me fill you in. BU usually happens twice a year, one […]