Major backlog! I wore this outfit to the last day of the Rockwell’s Bazaar last month. Of course, I just had to wear Coexist. Love your own!

WAGW dress | Coexist sheer polka dotted skirt

I feel so nostalgic in this dress. It’s my first ever WAGW dress! I got it in Cebu where I met Laureen and Kryz! I can’t believe it’s barely been a year since we first met. I feel like I’ve known them since forever!

Debbie Co belt

I look weird but I was trying to flip my hair and take an action shot. Oh well.

Mauve silver necklace (bottom) | Forever 21 mesh necklace (top)

Check out my new statement necklace from Mauve. Mauve is a new online store that sells bold accessories. Take a look at their Facebook page for more designs!

SM Accessories ring | SM Accessories silver bangle | Gothic Princess (Singapore) animal print bangle | Calvin Klein watch

SM really got it all for you! :) (I bet this line made you sing their jingle, even just in your head! Haha!)

Givenchy shoes (a.k.a. the most painful shoes on Earth. Tiis ganda.)

Hype this look on Lookbook.nu here.

10 Responses to “Hardware”
  1. gladys

    mukha kang teenager Miss…Ayun, natuwa ako at binalikan ko lahat ng posts mo last year..:)))


    Yeah, ang payat mo! kaka-inggit!!!

  2. gladys

    …ngee!!! Sorry po! and dami kong na send na comment :-o
    sorry po talaga Miss Cams…(tange ko talaga)

  3. gladys

    …I happen to run over your older posts Miss Cams and I was so surprised to see you looking so thin and innocent..:)))

  4. gladys

    Miss Cams, I happen to accidentally opened your old posts and noticed you were so thin in here..:)) and you looked much younger..:))

  5. Dheya Suzuki

    haha. “tiis ganda.” I like that. the shoes look cute. but, I would never wear one. haha.

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