Let’s Get Lost


Out of all the fashion capitals of the world, there’s still one city I haven’t checked off my list yet–London. It’s a pity really. I’ve always loved British fashion so to see it in the flesh would be a dream come true. Maybe some day I’d be able to squeeze in a trip to London, but for now, the World Wide Web will have to do. At least I can still explore brands from all over the world without having to spend a fortune and leaving the comforts of my home.


Here’s a British brand I just discovered late last year–Mina. It’s a fairly new brand established in 2005 but already it has been at the forefront of press publications and has an impressive celebrity following including Sienna Miller and Fearne Cotton. When I first saw its A/W collection, I immediately understood why Mina is a local favorite. I seriously had the hardest time choosing which item to get!


I ended up choosing this simple floral dress. I couldn’t resist its romantic colors, cute little sleeves and bubble skirt design. It’s perfect for lazy days but at the same time, it also has plenty of room for styling. During the summer, I can already see myself wearing it like this, with a belt cinching it at my waist and a boho-inspired vest over it. Then for fall, when I travel to cold countries, I can wear it loose with stockings underneath and an oversized mustard trench coat, scarf and ankle boots. I really get carried away whenever I find a piece of clothing that I like. My mind just goes on overdrive thinking about all the possible ways of wearing it!


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itscamilleco.com2013012403 itscamilleco.com2013012406

Mina dress


Romwe collar necklace


Cotton On belt


Watch Factory Casio watch Tomato gold stud bracelet (part of a set) 


Dickies socks Zara wedges

itscamilleco.com2013012404 itscamilleco.com2013012411
144 Responses to “Let’s Get Lost”
  1. Mark U

    Those red villainous lips again!! Ugh~ it drives mere mortals crazy.

    I love the ethereal spring charm your dress brings.

    Speaking of London, I too have yet to step into its soil. I actually have Tricia G’s London posts bookmarked. :P And wou;dn’t believe it, Cathay Pacific has a promo fare for Europe this month. Fare applies for tickets for 2 only though. T^T

  2. Kkling

    im just wondering if d ba sumasakit paa mo sa mga zara shoes mo.coz we have the same problem with my friends when it comes to zara shoes.

  3. Dheya Suzuki

    how cute it is. we have the same collar necklace. mine’s just silver. :P

      • Dheya Suzuki

        I know, right? haha. having a same thing with what my idol have is such an honor. I must be super proud of that. hihi. and yes, I’m indeed proud. XD

  4. Chacha

    you’re so gorgeous cams..weeeeeee saw the dress sa website nila. You look more better and sexy kesa sa model nila haha! Stay pretty.

  5. Patricia

    I’ve been looking for those wedges. Wala na ata??? I want…. It’s looks so nice.

  6. Isa Reynoso

    I agree! This dress is super lovely! Great choice! <3 I also adore your super cute socks! :)

    P.S. I think saulo ko na mga shoes mo Camille! :) haha

  7. Driely Rodrigues

    Oi Camille, que vestido lindo, sou louca por peças romanticas como essa!
    Ele caiu tão bem em você, amei toda a produção!
    Você sempre tão bela!
    Bju Bju

  8. elaine g.

    Cams, do you mind if i ask what curling iron do you use? i haven’t used one before :D sorry, your long hair just reminds of how you miss curling your hair since you’ve got a shorter hair now :)

    • itscamilleco

      I can’t make out the brand name of my favorite curling iron. Some of the letters are blurry already. It’s ??asho ? I bought it in Hong Kong. I’m guessing it’s Japanese :) I also use Babyliss :)

  9. Vanni Yeth

    I love the place!<3 It gives me the feeling of autumn in other countries :3

  10. Tricia G. Ladiana

    I know that site minauk I join with their giveaways,hehe just sayin. You look young with that dress. And the socks is wow,throwback in elem days. :))

    • itscamilleco

      Pantene! :) No really, you just have to find the right products for your hair :)

  11. Rose Cruz

    Hi Miss Camille! Parang baligtad po ata pagkakasuot nyo ng watch? And cute nyo talaga. :) Hindi ba nagagasgas whenever you pile it with your arm candies?

    • itscamilleco

      OMG! Oo nga noh! Hahaha that’s so funny! I never even noticed LOL! This watch? Hindi naman. :)

  12. Bianx

    wow i super love your dress.. it looks vintage-y.. and super love ko din ung socks mo i thought u just designed it by yourself.. haha.. just a random question again, when u buy something online or from abroad do you also pay custom tax here in the philippines because the last time we bought online i paid thousand pesos.. i wonder if what do you do to minimize your custom taxes.. and last thing, (sorry for many questions) is your mac book pro with retina display user friendly? thanks for the answer (in advanced) lol..

    btw, whenever i comment here feeling ko close tayo kasi parang nakakausap kita in person.. haha.. (sorry for being “feeling-close”) sana makita kita in person.. magiging fangirl ako for sure.. i hope okay lang magpapicture sau if ever i would bump to you somewhere… :) thanks! :*

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Bianx! Yes my new laptop is user-friendly but maybe it’s because I’ve been a Mac user for such a long time already. The interface is definitely much better :) As for the taxes, sometimes yes and sometimes konti lang. I don’t really get it as well but usually if I have to pick the package up from the airport, yun yung mahal :) If it’s door-to-door, cheap lang :)

      Close tayo lahat dito!

  13. mk

    i wonder how you get ideas easily like putting up socks to the whole ensemble…bumagay ahhh

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks MK! :) I don’t know, I guess I just really love dressing up! :)

  14. Sarah

    This may sound like a really random question, but how do you do up ur belt and make it stay? This is the problem I always have with dresses which don’t have the loops for a belt

  15. Jam

    Looking gorgeous as ever! I can totally relate to that feeling of sudden rush of styling ideas when you spot a perfect clothing item. <3 I visited their site, not sure if they do deliver here in PH though. They only have the UK delivery rate :(

  16. Gladys

    Nandito ka pala sa Cebu nung Sinulog. Sayang hindi kita nakita…tsk’2..
    San po ba kayo nagpunta nung Sinulog Miss aside sa Baseline? Never pa akong nakapasok sa mga ganyan kaya hindi ko alam kung nasaang bahagi ng Cebu iyan makikita…

    Gusto ko tuloy maglupasay nang mkita ko ang blog entry ni Ms. Kryz…huhuhuhuhuhu

    I love your dress here and your overall look. :)
    You are so ganda!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha awww, di bale, we’ll visit again next year! :) Kryz has always been our tourist guide so hindi ko rin alam where it is exactly, I just follow haha!

  17. Karen

    This is such a cute look, especially with the socks! :) I still haven’t pulled off a look wearing cute socks but I will try soon enough. :P and I agree, we share the dream of going to London some day! Here’s to our dream that might soon come true for you (than for me, haha! XD)

  18. Riza Pagayon

    mahal na talaga kita katulad ng pagmamahal na naramdaman ko para sa damit mo na yan!! OMG!! ipamana mo na sakin yan o kaya christmas gift/ birthday gift/ wedding gift (kahit di pa naman talaga ko ikakasal) mo na sakin yan. hahhaa!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha you mean you love me as much as my dress lang? Hindi ko man lang nadaigan yung dress? LOL just kidding! :) Order na lang! :)

  19. Christine Koay

    You really look cute here, Ms Camille! I’m loving this look! and that socks is so adorable!! I can’t stop staring at the cute red bow!! Awww~ <3

  20. Trisha

    Your pics here are so pretty! Lovely title TEHEHE =))) Sooooo pretty! I wanna go to London too!!!!!

  21. Tasha D.

    I LOOOOVE NA NAMAN! Sobrang naiba yung look ng Zara Wedges mo dahil sa super cute na socks na yan! Heels/Wedges worn with socks look good talaga pag tama ang styling! Just like this! Yung iba kasi chaka ang pagka mix and match sa heels at di kaya i-pull off! :>

  22. Lulai

    Been to London for a week just this December and I must say that MOST of the people are fashionable there! :) I hope we have winter weather here in the Phils too so we can also layer & style our clothes like them. Go there Camille! I’m pretty sure you’ll have a wonderful time there touring & having outfit shots! :)

  23. thea

    I love this. everything you wear in your photo I really like. you are my inspiration in fashion camille :)))

  24. Sarah

    How do you get your photos to look so nice? do you use any filters or effects?? I love your blog and outfit, btw! :)


    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Sarah! No filters or effects. I’m no Photoshop/Photography expert :)

  25. j9

    You are so cute on the third photo. And those super cute socks! never thougth dickies have those. :-)

  26. ish

    love the look, the dress is adorable and love the brown accents
    xx ish

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