Sweater Dressing

There’s a new brand in town! The same group behind Cinderella have just brought European brand Mexx in. Hooray for us shopaholics! More choices for us! Since I know that I lot of you may still be unfamiliar with the brand, I figured I’d introduce it to you by styling not just 1 but 2 Mexx outfits. The theme for today’s outfits is sweater dressing. (Hindi masyadong giveaway ang title ko.) I wanted to show you how versatile sweaters are so here goes!


For my first outfit, I styled something a bit more casual and young. It’s something you can wear to school or to the mall with your friends. The striped cardigan I’m wearing is actually from the men’s section of Mexx. I wanted a cardigan that’s long and oversized so the men’s section was definitely the place to look.


So for example you wear this to school during the day and you have a small get-together with friends at night, you can simply take your cardigan off to lose the scholastic vibe and you’re good to go. If you look closely, the knit sweater I have on actually has a little sheen on it due to the metallic touches it has so it’s not your usual casual sweater.


See the subtle print on print going on here? Stripes, all the way!


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Mexx cardigan


Anagon “forever” necklace From Hong Kong cross necklace Thrifted long gold necklace


Mexx knit sweater and tweed skirt 


Mulberry bag 


Call It Spring boots


So that’s my first outfit! From casual and preppy, let’s switch things up a bit for my 2nd look.


For the more mature women out there, here’s a simple but feminine look you can wear from day to night.


Sweaters aren’t always bulky and boyish. You can still show your womanly curves by choosing a sweater that’s lightweight. This way, it won’t look too bulky. Pair it with a soft and sexy skirt like this to show off your legs a bit.


Mexx skirt


Mexx sweater


Cornwall Street spike necklace 


Tag Heuer watch


Mango heels


Sweaters will forever be staples in my closet. They’re so easy to style and comfortable to wear. Mexx has a lot of sweaters for you to choose from, along with dressy blouses, sophisticated dresses, pants in burgundy, olive green, red and other yummy colors and bags that are fit for work and play.  Mexx is available at Alabang Town Center and soon to open at Shangri-la East Wing, SM Aura Premier and Glorietta.

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  1. Danna Cuba

    Your smile is so charming in the 11th photo, Camille!! :) I love these two styles! And you’re totally rocking your new hair color!

    P.S. How do you manage to still look pretty even when the wind had blown your hair??

  2. Khayrin Pequiras

    I thought having the same designs for an over-all attire is a fashion don’ts, but not with you. Love yer outfits.

  3. Patrice Aliman

    I am in love with the 2nd look. Definitely in love with it. You look so beautiful! And thanks for the tips. ;)

  4. Chelsea Paterno

    I love both of these outfits! Thanks for introducing this brand, Ms. Camille! I super love your blog. <3

  5. palm

    Been seeing you smiling in your photos lately. Always wear a smile. You look best.

  6. Sara Shalabi

    Hi Miss Camille =D
    i love your 11th picture dito sa post na ito!! you look so cute and kapansin pansin (hahahha) dito na tumaba ka but i’m not saying na payat ka before ah haha
    You look cuter ngayon and more beautiful :)

    Stay pretty and love lots :* =))

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Jeserie! :) Hair care products :) Find the right shampoo, conditioner, etc :)

  7. ava

    how do you do it miss camille? whenever i wear sweaters i either look fat or i look like i’m hiding something under it…anyway, being beautiful runs in the genes…YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS…:)))…haha..i always hear the lyrics “I got it from my mama” whenever i see you looking the usual gorgeous you… stay youthful looking!..xoxo..i miss gossip girl..:D

    • itscamilleco

      Maybe it’s in the material of your sweater? :) LOL about the lyrics! :) Thanks Ava! :)

  8. rose

    I like this outfit because its casual but still classy. I looovvve that cardigan…… http://elgoog.im/underwater/. copy paste this in your browser. and type in the google search bar YOUR NAME.then click “google search” a couple of times. i dont know if you knew this already, but it is pretty cool.

    • itscamilleco

      I’m scared to click the link haha forgive me. Spam/virus paranoid here :)

      • rose

        I promise my full year allowance that it is not a virus/spam. haha. but its okay. maybe if you are really paranoid, borrow a friend’s laptop then visit in from there. Good night! Smiles and Laughter.

  9. Dyanica Mae

    Hi Ms. Camille! You’re always pretty, but you’re “extra beautiful” here. <3

  10. Colt Nava

    Looks like I have a new store to visit for my next trip there! Can’t waittttt! For someone who lives in a tropical country, it seems confusing for other people how much I adore sweaters, that’s why you always make me feel “normal” everytime you talk about loving sweaters too! Sweaters are comfy and they always have the nicest styles and designs, how can you not like them, right?

  11. Gladys

    “Sweaters aren’t alwaysYou can still show. . .” Miss, parang naputol ang first sentence..:)

    I have always fancied sweaters even before kaso, I alwasy have this belief na pang-taglamig lang ang mga yun. Until your blog came along…I love your ouffit..:) Nakaka-inlove lalo sa mga sweater…(sweater nlang ang ide-date ko as post-valentine date)..

    You are so pretty po talaga Miss…Pwedeng-pwede kang gawing role model ng kabataan…Just thinking..hehehehe

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you for pointing that out! :) Edited :) Thanks again Gladys! Mas okay na sweaters ang kadate, walang sakit ng ulo haha!

  12. Mariana

    I love the two outfits. But I especially love the cardigan of the first outfit, it’s so beautiful!

  13. Trish

    When will you have another giveaway? haha! sorry. i always join but I never win. :))

  14. Cecilia

    Hi my dear! Are you sure there still room in your dressing room?! You are too much adorable and your looks fascinate me

  15. Kristina

    I love both outfits! And your mulberry Alexa bag. What color and size is it and where did you purchase it? Xx (:

    • itscamilleco

      It’s actually my sister’s :) It’s brown :) We got it at Hong Kong :)

  16. jhay-cee

    I love both looks. I’m starting to add sweaters in my closet because of you Miss Cams. Thank you for always inspiring me / us.

    xoxo jhaycee

    I don’t know what to wear in my graduation day. any advice???

  17. Nica

    Hi Camille,

    I love both outfits :)

    Btw, you may want to revisit this sentence from your post (2nd outfit)… “Sweaters aren’t alwaysYou can still show your womanly curves by choosing a sweater that’s lightweight. This way, it won’t look too bulky.”

  18. Anne O.

    I love the second outfit! the color of the sweater is not so eye catching and looks very feminine .. :)

  19. Meme

    I used to wonder why sweaters are in these days considering that our weather’s shifting gears and summer’s around the corner. But the outfits here are just adorable and look like you can wear them under extreme heat. I guess the trick is to buy something’s lightweight. :) Again, you’ve opened my eyes and had me rethink the general rules of fashion because of this blog. Keep up the “great” work Camille!

  20. Jenna

    I was at California Nails in MOA earlier, and I saw a feature of you from Meg’s Nov 2012 ish. I loooove seeing you aside from your blog! BTW, love your outfits! Gotta wait for Mexx’s opening in Glorietta or Shang. :D :D

    Good day to you!! :D

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Jenna! :) I haven’t seen that! If you happen to see a copy of it again, please steal it LOL or just take a photo? :) Thanks Jenna!

  21. annjoie

    oh m! i love everything in this page.. you look super pretty.. and the footwear ♥♥ :)

  22. audrey

    i love the cardigan so much!! why anything looks perfect on you, Miss Camile?
    simple and also elegan, luvvv it. pretty as always :)

  23. Joy Dianne Gumatay

    This is what we call FASHION SENSE! Comfort without sacrificing STYLE! :DDD

  24. Dona

    Just too cute! I’ve been waiting for something like this–dressing up with sweater! Others say pang-preppy look lang sya but look how you toss a few of your fashion creativity to make these stand out. Just… bow!

  25. elaine g.

    cams, how do you shop at men’s section without thinking that these sales people might misunderstand and think you’re lost (syempre we also have to fit the clothes din diba? :))?

  26. Tasha D.

    Ay grabe lang. We’re so busog! 2 outfits in 1 post! You better do this more often Camille! haha! Hay nako mage-expect na talaga ako na 2 na lagi per post! :P Dapat mas maraming mag-sponsor para mapadalas ito! haha! CALLING ALL SPONSORS!!!!! Di kayo lugi dito! CHOS! Ang dami kayang loyal readers ni Camille no!

  27. Isa Reynoso

    Gosh, I love sweaters! This makes me want to visit Mexx soon! Thank God they have a branch in ATC, so accessible! :) May I also say that I absolutely adored those burgundy ribbon boots and how you paired them with a cardigan with a burgundy stripe, genius! <3 sweater dressing is LOVE!

  28. Sephie Rojas

    You’re owning the wind again! Yey! \:D/ I love the contrast of how you styled the two outfits! I so want that striped sweater in your first look! :3 And yes, sweaters are always a basic must-have in a person’s closet <3

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