Show Your Stripes

You know what makes fashion even better? When you get to not only be stylish but help a cause as well! Doing good is always in style which is why I’m proud to #ShowMyStripes –my limited edition McDonald’s Striped Socks that is. Through these socks, I’m able to take part in Ronald McDonald House Charities’ (RMHC) flagship program called the Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit. It’s a daycare center program in partnership with DSWD and local government units that gives children six years old and below a safe place to learn and play, free of charge. All proceeds from these socks sold will help build the next Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit in the Philippines. That means more kids will be in a safe and productive environment and away from the streets. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s a worthy cause I’m more than willing to champion. If you agree with me then #ShowYourStripes as well and make a kid smile by purchasing a pair of limited edition McDonald’s Striped Socks. These socks are available at select McDonald’s restaurants in Greater Manila Area starting November 15 for PHP100 only. (For the full list of participating restaurants, check this link.) You can also support the #ShowYourStripes campaign further by participating in the McHappy Day Stripes run on December 6 at Bonifacio Global City. More information about the run can be found here.

#ShowYourStripes. Do a good deed. Make a kid smile.

H&M hat Pull & Bear sweater | American Apparel trousers Givenchy mini lucrezia bag Mcdonald’s limited edition striped socks Zara shoes

42 Responses to “Show Your Stripes”
  1. MUMu

    onlY you can Pull this Off.. i can’t imagine this outfit on anyone elSe! i am a SuperFan!

  2. Khayrin

    It has been a long time since you use this place as a background! Is this your home’s pool? I’ve seen this long before. Haha. Can I just ask what’s the difference between trousers and pants?

  3. Dilek

    I love that you are aiding a good cause, but what I love more is the whimsically creative way of putting together this outfit which not many people could pull off!

  4. Ericka Garcia

    You remind me of those cute Japanese girls walking around Shibuya on those socks. I hope those socks are available here in Cebu too so that I can also help. :)

    Ericka Garcia

  5. RJ

    You’re so awesome. Will buy these socks too. Who says clothes have to be expensive and not help kids!!

  6. Mariel Grace

    wiih!! push na push ang socks..hehe.. ang ganda ganda mo talaga magstyle ate!! stay gorg! :) God bless!

  7. Katrin Tuano

    And ohh, you smiling with teeth never fails to make me smile to! (insert smiley face with heart eyes) <3 Haha love the outfit, I really am wowed on how you styled the #ShowYourStripes socks! (insert raising arms emoji) LOL haha

    PS: I just realized that you're no longer updating the app :( and it's okay tho, since I know you're so busy flying there, and everywhere! Haha

  8. Katrin Tuano

    This is a very worthy charity! Living in Manila made me witness the suffering of kids asking for alms in the streets, seeing them covered in dirt, naked and hungry, I have a soft heart for the needy but sometimes, they can be really rude. Instead of giving them food, they’re going to say pa, “Ate pwede 5 nalang bigay mo?”, “ay ang damot naman” and stuff. I pity them, but I don’t blame them for having that attitude. These kids need a real home, a home wherein they will be safe, where they’ll learn basic education, values and discipline. I’m going to support this cause.

  9. Clariss

    Helping can really make my heart flutter idk why haha. So I’m definitely gonna buy those socks to help them out :) I loved how you styled your socks, it doesn’t look awkward or anything. galing galing talaga ate cams!

    Super amazed ako sayo ate cams kanina! you’re really a fast thinker, pairing this top with that bottoms etc. I can’t seem to do that haha but I’m learning! :) Wish we’ll win! I’ll tweet my heart away promise ad also tell my friends! :) #TeamCamille

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