Trick Eye

Before I start another travel series from Japan, I thought I’d humor you a little through these photos I took at Singapore’s Trick Eye Museum. Trick Eye Museum is an interactive 3D museum that originated from Seoul, South Korea. It was such a hit that it has now branched out to Hong Kong, China and […]


Travel Diary: One Day At Nara, Japan

Most people usually just take a day trip to Nara, but I recommend staying overnight in this charming little city. Yes, Nara’s attractions are all within walking distance and it’s definitely more than possible to cover them all in a day, but if you’ve got more than a day to spare, then why not? This […]


Travel Diary: Kasuga Taisha

A short walk around Nara park from Todaiji will lead you to Nara’s most celebrated shrine and another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kasuga Taisha or Kasuga Shrine. It’s the royal shrine of Japan’s most powerful clan, Fujiwara. To reach the shrine, you’ll have to pass through a long pathway lined with stone lanterns. It […]