Travel Diary: Kasuga Taisha

A short walk around Nara park from Todaiji will lead you to Nara’s most celebrated shrine and another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kasuga Taisha or Kasuga Shrine. It’s the royal shrine of Japan’s most powerful clan, Fujiwara. To reach the shrine, you’ll have to pass through a long pathway lined with stone lanterns. It […]


Travel Diary: My Ryokan Experience

Aside from shopping and eating, my favorite part about traveling is getting to  learn something new about a particular country’s traditions and customs, and immersing myself in their culture. I can’t quite explain it but it’s the most enriching experience ever. I return home feeling more confident, worldly and complete–knowing that I took part in something […]


Travel Diary: Nara’s Kofukuji and Todaiji

For those traveling around Japan’s Kyoto and Osaka, it’s worthwhile to make a short trip to nearby Nara which is located less than an hour away. It’s Japan’s first permanent capital so consequently, it takes pride in a bunch of historic treasures, including some of Japan’s greatest temples like Kofukuji and Todaiji. Both of which […]


Travel Diary: Universal Studios Japan

As I’ve mentioned, my sister is a huge Harry Potter fan. Our trip to Universal Studios Japan was really just for her to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Of course, she did her research well and she learned that during peak seasons it may be difficult to get into the attraction without a […]


Meeting Potter

Two months after and I’m finally blogging about my trip to Osaka, Nara and Kyoto! Woot! I’m starting this travel series off with a style post taken on our first full day in Osaka. Since it was my sister who planned our itinerary, our first stop was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (She’s a […]


Outdoor Fitness Camp With Roxy

It’s no secret that whenever I’m at the beach, I just laze around all day and stare into the sunset. All that hard work I put into achieving a fit physique immediately goes down the drain because I just eat, sleep, sunbathe, repeat. But at Roxy’s Outdoor Fitness Girls Camp, it’s the opposite. We did […]


Earning My Stripes

Stripes just might be one of my all-time favorite prints. I’ve never noticed it until now, but I seem to gravitate towards striped pieces when it comes to my sartorial choices. For some reason, they all look different to me and I just HAVE TO have them, especially when they’re in black and white. You won’t believe […]


Second Chances

There’s no shortage of beaches here in the Philippines. You’ve probably figured that out already through my countless blog posts featuring clear blue skies, fine sand and enchanting waters. For this reason alone, I think my constant need to buy new swimsuits is justified. (Hi Mom, are you reading this? LOL.) My latest swimwear hoarding […]


La Dolce Vita With FitFlop

I must admit, I’ve never owned a single pair of FitFlop prior to this trip. I’ve always heard good things about them though. “They’re super comfortable!” is always the first thing my friends would say whenever they rave about their FitFlop. I was just always quick to dismiss the brand and say they’re not for me. But then […]


Rubbing Shoulders

When rain starts to pour, you know summer is almost over… at least here in the Philippines. I thought I’d be happy when this day comes. It’s been so hot these past months, getting out of the comforts of an air-conditioned room has been a constant struggle. So understandably, with the rainy season around the […]