How I Was Able To Achieve A Slimmer Face

I’ll admit, I’ve never been the type to go to beauty centers religiously. I always felt like I have something more important to do than just lie down and prettify. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against people who like to go to beauty centers, I see its importance. Trust me. And it’s not […]


My First Ever Cruise

I joined a cruise for the first time, thanks to the good people behind SuperStar Virgo. I don’t know why it took me this long to try a cruise. Maybe it’s because I was scared of feeling claustrophobic in a ship? The thought of  getting cooped up in a tiny cabin for days doesn’t make cruising sound […]


London Checklist

This post is going to be filled with all the London tourist clichés and no, I refuse to apologize for being so touristy because… I’m a tourist after all. LOL. So, Big Ben? Check! London Eye? Check! Westminster Abbey? Check! West End? Check! Buckingham Palace? Check! As you’ve probably seen on the itinerary I made […]