Hel Yeah, Helsinki

Hopefully you’ve already watched the two travel videos I did from Finland on my Youtube channel. (If you haven’t yet, WHY?!!? Just kidding. You can still watch them here and here.)

So as I’ve said in my previous posts, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited by Qatar Airways and Visit Finland to explore the beautiful city of Helsinki with them last October. I remember when I first got the invite, I immediately told my boyfriend about it, all excited and giddy. “JOWA!!!! I’M FINALLY SEEING FINLAND! YOUR HOME!” But instead of celebrating my impending visit to his home country, he goes, “So sucky you’re going on October.” What a party pooper. You see apparently, Finns (at least my Finn and the other Finns he have introduced to me) hate the weather in their country. It’s always gloomy and too cold for your own good for the entire year, except for a couple of good weeks of 16 degree Celsius weather during summer. But what my boyfriend seems to forget is that I’ve been a tropical girl all my life. Unlike him, I welcome the change of scenery and weather with open arms and an open mind. Finland, I’m ready for you!

I didn’t really have any expectations arriving into Helsinki. Finns are generally modest. They don’t like boasting about themselves which goes the same for when it comes to talking about their culture and country. Naturally, my boyfriend never really built up Finland to me. I was free to get to know Finland–well in this case, Helsinki, on my own terms. And boy is Helsinki a silent charmer. (Like my boyfriend… I know I know, I’ll stop before you puke. LOL)

Helsinki is a quiet city during this time of the year (which is perfect for bloggers longing to get that perfect OOTD shot). But even so, visitors will immediately discover the city’s innovative urban culture–meshing tradition and trends in its own special way and seamlessly combining cityscape with nature. I’ve never really understood my boyfriend’s need for nature around him 24/7. But after seeing Helsinki, I finally understand. Everywhere you go, there’s a nearby sea or park around you. And they’re not just there to be stared at. The Finns actually incorporate nature in everything they do. It’s a huge part of their lives. In fact, their idea of a good time is lounging about and having a drink by the sea, picking berries, mushrooms and wild herbs in the forest, bathing in a sauna and alternately jumping into the freezing cold lake (the Finns love for saunas is too legit, don’t even get me started). I’ve never seen a city as well-developed as Helsinki have a closer relationship with nature than it has. And I think this is what makes Helsinki so charming.

Aleksanterinkatu, Finland - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co Winter Style - www.itscamilleco.comHelsinki, Finland - www.itscamilleco.comRikhardinkadun Kirjasto Public Library, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comFinish architecture -  www.itscamilleco.com

Photo description:
1. Aleksanterinkatu, a street around Helsinki’s shopping area
2. Esplanadi, a street around Helsinki’s shoppinh area where most luxury brands are
3. City Hall across the Market Square
4. Rikhardinkadun Kirjasto, a library with the most instagrammable staircase
5. An example of Finnish architecture

Fazer - www.itscamilleco.comFinnair Skywheel - www.itscamilleco.comAllas Helsinki Pool -  www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co, Winter Style In Finland - www.itscamilleco.comAllas Helsinki Pool -  www.itscamilleco.com

Photo description:
6. Fazer, Finland’s famous confectionary that produces the yummiest chocolates
7. Finnair Skywheel at the background
8. Allas Helsinki Pool, a pool spa and sauna by the sea
9. Wearing Weekday coat, Eight Slate pleated skirt, Zara faux sur stole, Loeffler Randall shoes
10. Allas Helsinki Pool’s sea pool and heated pool

Pohjoisranta - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co Winter Style - www.itscamilleco.comOld Market Hall, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comVisit Helsinki Travel Diary - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co Winter Style - www.itscamilleco.comHelsinki Market Square - www.itscamilleco.com

Photo description:
11-12. Harbor at Pohjoisranta
13. View of the Old Market Hall
14. Painting being sold at the Market Square
15. Wearing Weekday coat, Eight Slate pleated skirt, Zara faux sur stole, Loeffler Randall shoes
16. Hats being sold at the Market Square

Löyly, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comHelsinki scarves - www.itscamilleco.comHuvilakatu, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co Winter Style - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co in Finland - www.itscamilleco.comHuvilakatu, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comHuvilakatu, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co at Huvilakatu, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comPastel Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.com

Photo description:
17. Hot chocolate at Löyly
18. Scarves being sold at the Market Square
19-25. Huvilakatu, one of Helsinki’s most photographed streets

Helsinki, Finland - www.itscamilleco.comKamppi Chapel, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co at Löyly, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comCamille Co, unicorn hair and beret - www.itscamilleco.comGoyard bag - Camille Co

Photo description:
26. View of Helsinki from Löyly, a famous restaurant and sauna place.
27. Outside Kamppi Chapel
28. Terrace at Löyly
29. Unicorn lady looking at you
30. Goyard bag

Camille Co at Löyly, Helsinki - www.itscamilleco.comDinner at Finnish National Opera - www.itscamilleco.comTraditional Finnish cuisine - www.itscamilleco.comVisit Helsinki, Qatar Airways - www.itscamilleco.com

Photo description:
31. Terrace at Löyly by the seaside
32. Dinner at the Finnish National Opera
33. Traditional Finnish cuisine
34. The media group with Qatar Airways and Visit Helsinki

25 Responses to “Hel Yeah, Helsinki”
  1. Camila

    Ah, these photos are gorgeous! I was looking for recommendations of places to go in Finland since I’m planning a trip to there and came across your post, I loved it. You’ve probably answered this, but what camera and lens did you use to take these shots?

    • Camille Co

      I used my Canon 5D mark iii for this but watch out for next week’s VLOG. I’ll be talking about all my gadgets. :)

  2. Christy

    And you are the doll in the dollhouse village! Lovely photos and writing Camille! Hopefully I can visit Finland too in the future. :)

  3. Reina

    Hi Camille! I’m going through your *winter* posts and I was wondering if you had written anything about what to wear, etc. I am planning to visit Korea in February and I am looking for outfit ideas since it will be my first time to experience winter.

    Also, is that @taramilktea in orange? Looks like her. *u*

    • Camille Co

      Just search for winter fashion on my blog, all my posts will come out and hopefully you can get some ideas <3 And yes, that's Tara!

  4. Rhosie Sumagui

    Yay! Finally you have a new update with your blog & I got to have something to read.👌 You are really one of the luckiest girl on earth to explore this kind of beautiful place. A bonus for you too to have a Finn Jowa 🤗😍 A dream come true for you to see the real beauty of Helsinki. As always, my chinky eyes will never get tired of staring to your beautiful photos. So lovely like you! ❤️🤗

    • Camille Co

      Bonus because he got to give me so many helpful tips :) Thank you Rhosie!!

  5. Lee Lo

    What a colorful place! Wonderful photos! Looking at the photos I just realise that we are so close to the cold days!

  6. Anne

    I’m super sold! I want to see Helsinki too! I have to agree with you Cams. A change in weather especially one that’s less warm and humid is always welcome to tropical-born people like us. Hihi. Plus, all the reason to layer up because we only get to do that in Baguio and Tagaytay! PS: I’ve missed you here. It’s been a while pero buti na lang may Youtube and IG. :)


    • Camille Co

      Yes!!! And we can’t even layer that much really, it’s not always cold in Baguio and Tags.

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