Travel Diary: Porvoo, the Doll House City

We’ve come to the last of my posts for my travel series from Finland (at least for now). And for today on my blog, we’re exploring Porvoo.

Porvoo is Finland’s second oldest city. It’s a medieval city that was able to maintain all its charming little wooden houses and winding pebbled streets–making it every photographer’s dream come true. Just one step into Old Porvoo can make you feel like you’ve been transported to the pages of a story book–with each house that greets you more colorful than the next. Today, these houses host small boutiques, cafes and restaurants. But even so, they don’t feel commercialized at all. They’re still quaint as ever, making me want to explore all of them if only I had more time.

I can just imagine how it must be like staying in this town for a couple of days–slow mornings, long walks and just admiring the city’s beauty. I was told staying in Porvoo often entails staying in a manor much like Hotel Haikko Manor, which you’ll see towards the last few photos of this post. It’s a historical manor house turned into a hotel and spa with the most beautiful location by the lake. Oh how I wish I stayed just a little longer. I can already see it–waking up in my pretty room with a calming view, taking my own sweet time before I go out and explore the city. Guess I have all the more reason to come back then, right?

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14 Responses to “Travel Diary: Porvoo, the Doll House City”
  1. Dhea

    Another amazing blog😁. Now I want to add this to my bucket list. This travel blog is so persuading and very interesting. I wish to visit this place someday. Thanks for letting us see it!

  2. Chantel

    Wow just wow!! This is a must try to visit as well.I didn’t know that Finland is a beautiful place too.. I will definitely, add this to my bucket list. You are such a pretty girl,sexy effortless on your outfit. I love the boots,the hair everything… u rock you always Cams…. mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………… :)

  3. Gail

    Hi Camille! I have always been a big fan of you since a long time ago! but there is something I notice, you always have perfect hair for your ootd’s, do you find a hairdresser to do your hair for you before you go explore the places and sceneries or you do your hair yourself? If you do your hair yourseld I’d probably imagine you would take long to go out and probably taught yourself some hairdresser tricks. hahaha I was just curious how fashion bloggers always seem to have perfect hair in pictures but when regular people go to other countries we would look haggard because of the long hours of travel and finding hotel accomodations and etc. hey maybe you could do a vlog on how to do your hair when it comes to travelling?

    • Camille Co

      I actually don’t do anything special haha! But maybe yeah, I can probably do a get ready with me while I’m abroad. :)

  4. Gayle

    This place is so relaxing and it seems like time will stop running. lol
    Happy new year ms. Cams!

  5. Milka Amelia

    I’m your big fan! Loving all those dreamy photos and your outfit always inspiring me! Happy New Year!

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