Playing Pretend At Palais Royal

Let’s play pretend. Let’s pretend I were Parisian with my little beret and undying love for anything black. I’d probably own a bike–the no-fuss kind that has a simple basket in front for me to store my books and baguette in. Every morning, I’d ride it to the Palais Royal just to enjoy the early morning silence and pretend for a moment that it’s my own sanctuary. I’d sit on one of the striped pillars and read my favorite book as I sneak a few bites of my baguette in. This is story. Isn’t it fun how fashion allows us to play pretend, even for just a little while? How about you? What do you think is this Parisian girl’s story?

From Japan beret | Style Moi coat| Zara top | GU Japan culottes | Céline bag | Barclay shoes

30 Responses to “Playing Pretend At Palais Royal”
  1. Stephanie

    Love your outfit and how it matches the architecture! Great outfit planning!

  2. maebs

    Paris architecture is one of a kind. Wish to visit paris soon. Love your outfit

  3. April Marieson Fuentes

    The character really fit on you. A lonely Parisian girl, searching for happiness :)

  4. Jamie

    Your outfit really fits well with the Palais! Did you planned this? It’s so cool! Again, great shots as usual. Thanks for another tour, Fave blogger!!! :)

  5. anne-marie

    What do you think of the Buren columns?
    Parisians and some French, do not like at all

  6. Anne

    Putting down her baguette, she twirled round and round feeling the cool breeze sweep through her locks. Oh she reveled in the simple joy it brings. But alas, her feet were all caught up. Twirling isn’t really a talent of hers. To the ground she was about to fall down but lucky her for arms caught her in time, that of a true gentleman. Oh love at the Palais Royal…

    So how about that Cams? Sorry if it’s cheesy. I’m a hopeless romantic if you can’t tell. Haha!

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