VLOG: Doing My Boyfriend’s Makeup

After much convincing, I finally got the boyfriend to say YES!!! To what? To me putting makeup on him and turning him into the prettiest Finnish boy ever. You guys have no idea how much joy this gave me. I was ecstatic to doll Joni up, much to his dismay and suffering. LOL. But hey, […]


Shopping For Vintage

I still remember the first ever luxury bag I bought. (Well, okay, technically, I didn’t buy it. It was a gift from my mom.) It was during my student exchange program in France. My mom and brother flew with me to Paris before my semester started. And like true Asian tourists, we went shopping at […]


VLOG: Cameras And Editing Tools For Instagram, Blog And Vlog

Two of your most asked questions on my social media pages are: What camera do you use? What apps do you use to edit? Well, wonder no more! Your questions are finally being answered! On today’s vlog, I’m showing you guys ALL my cameras that I use for my blog, Instagram and vlog plus the settings […]