Part Ways

Center slits are tricky things. They’re striking as ever but make one wrong move and you’re sure to give the world a show. (And no, it’s not the kind of show you’d be proud of.) So what’s a girl in a skirt with a center slit supposed to do? You can’t walk around a paranoid […]


Pencil In

When you see a collared shirt and knee-length pencil skirt together, one can’t help but think of corporate attires and business meetings. It’s a tried and tested outfit we’ve seen too many times inside board rooms and offices. It’s sophisticated, respectable and always appropriate. But what if you want to change it up and wear […]


My Rewards Outfit + Blog Giveaway (CLOSED)

Before I started working, I used to spend so much on shopping. I didn’t understand the value of money so I just kept buying clothes, shoes, bags and basically everything else I wanted. I’d shop like there’s no tomorrow, and spend as if money just grew on trees. Thankfully, my sister never got tired of […]


Color Me Pink

It’s not obvious I like pink, isn’t it? I mean, this outfit is just so subtle, you won’t even be able to tell. Sarcasm aside, I’ve always been a pink-lover. It was my favorite color as a kid, all the way until my teenage years. This is probably Barbie’s fault. She programmed me into thinking […]


All In The Details

Green and blue, one of the many tried and tested color combinations I’ve been telling you about over and over again. Don’t they go well with each other? Like coffee and milk, peanut butter and jam, salt and pepper, Kanye and Kim? LOL! Just kidding. Although you must admit, Kanye and Kim do seem like […]


Class Act

For the working girls, here’s another business casual look for you. If you want to be taken seriously at work, you have to dress the part. Agree? But in order to do so, there’s no need to break the bank. Get resourceful. Look for stores that sell fashionable clothes at an affordable price, like Details! […]


Purple Ginger

It’s a colorful day! I felt like a walking box of crayons in this outfit. But in the words of Icona Pop, “I don’t care, I LOVE IT!” I’m sure a lot of you find the print on my top familiar (because you, my dear readers, have eagle eyes). It’s because it’s the same as […]


Smart Prints

Showcasing another business casual outfit for all of you working girls out there! This time, print on print style! Usually, when ti comes to print on print, people always associated it with loud prints and colors. This shouldn’t always be the case, especially when you have a strict dress code to adhere to. Most workplaces […]


Sweet Spencer

If you’ve read my SM Mall Of Asia (MOA) blog giveaway, then I guess you already know that their BIG! BIG! SALE is happening next weekend, September 13-15. Now if the words “BIG” and “SALE” in all caps and the exclamation points weren’t able to catch your attention, then this outfit post just might do […]


Business As Usual

I feel like such a lady boss in this dress. Can you see Victoria Beckham nodding in approval? This dress is so her! I always associate her with flattering pencil-cut dresses that are smart enough to wear for work. Rachel from the hit show Suits would probably wear this as well. Oh Mike Ross, swoooooooon! […]

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