I Spy With My Little Eye

It’s been a long time since I last bought a simple bodycon dress like this. I’ve been staying away from them in preparation for my older years– when my metabolism can no longer save me from my constant pig out impluses and I don’t have the patience to work out anymore. But there’s something about this dress that […]


Cold Shoulder

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again–ladies, you don’t need to show a lot of skin to look and feel sexy. Sometimes, you just got to wear the right clothes that hug you at the right places. And then, maybe show a little bit of that shoulder. I don’t know why but I find […]


20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I’m finally making a personal blog post after so long! If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I’m doing this (but please do correct me if wrong). I noticed a lot of you have been tagging me on Instagram to make my very own “20 things you didn’t know about me” post so […]


True Blue

Remember when color blocking was such a huge trend? It may not be as big now but it’s still a huge check in my book. You see, trends may come and go, but if something looks good, trendy or not, it still looks good. Plain and simple. No fashion forecast can ever change that. So […]


Pattern Play

In life, you need a little spontaneity. Without it, you just might be missing out on the best memories you’ll ever make. My recent trip to Hong Kong is a testament to this. My friends and I were just hanging out one night during the holidays when we suddenly thought of booking this trip. Boy […]


Hafa Adai From Guam

As some of you may know, I flew to Guam for Shop Guam Festival a few months back. Now that it’s 2015, I think it’s high time that I share this trip with you, starting with my first OOTD taken there. Here’s what I wore the day I flew from Manila to Guam. I wanted to be comfortable […]


Autumn Bloom

As much as I love living in a tropical country like the Philippines, I still sometimes wish we can also experience how it is to have four seasons. Granted, there are plenty of ups and downs that come with a four-season year. I’m fully aware it’s not always like the movies where the sky is the right […]


Masskara 2014

So the verdict on my first ever Masskara festival experience? 10 out of 10 points! I must admit, I wasn’t expecting much. Not that I didn’t think Bacolod was awesome (I’ve heard plenty of great things about it actually), but I was a bit exhausted from all the work and traveling prior to this trip that my mind […]


The Ruins

I must admit, I don’t think I’m able to give The Ruins justice in these photos. The famous landmark of Talisay is so much more than what I was able to capture. Since I was in town during Bacolod’s popular Masskara festival, a lot of tourists were there as well so it was a bit challenging to take a proper photo of […]


Playing Dress Up

I’ve been so busy lately with all the traveling and catching up with work that I seem to be dressed down a lot these days. This is why it’s a welcome change to be in a tutu skirt and strappy heels once again, complete with hair and makeup from my shoot that day. Oh how I missed […]