Cool Japan

As many of you may already know, I just recently visited Tokyo upon the invitation of Google Japan and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). I, along with Laureen and Tricia, were the Philippine representatives or ambassadors of METI’s special project called Cool Japan. This project is a government-funded initiative that aims to […]


Decked Out In Giordano Concepts

There’s a new Giordano Concepts store in town and it’s at the recently launched wing of Megamall–the Mega Fashion Hall. Last week,  I was fortunate enough to attend the well-loved apparel brand’s grand opening as one of its style icons, along with my fellow bloggers, celebrities and models. Champagne, delectable treats, amazing styling, easy shopping […]


50 Shades Of Green

With all the different shades of green on my outfit, I’m surprised you can still see me against the greens behind me. But then again, it’s hard to blend in in plaid, and not to mention, copper-colored hair. What do you think is my inspiration for this outfit? My sister thinks it’s golf. She remarked […]


Ponte Vecchio

Since it’s my mom’s first time in Italy, I thought I’d show her around for a bit. Just a quick stroll around the beautiful city on the way to Ponte Vecchio. This is Palazzo Vecchio located at Piazza dela Signoria. This Piazza is one of the busiest because it has so many tourist attractions. This […]


EMODA TouchMe Fashion Show

I’m on a roll! From one fashion show to another, I’m taking a break from posting about the rest of my Euro trip to give you a little taste of what I went to Tokyo for, a few weeks back. Gasp! Is that a photo of not just one, but two Pinay bloggers at a […]


Charlie Chaplin

Hello there, Charlie Chaplin! Doesn’t he look cute on my shirt? I was feeling a little lazy so here I go again with my casual top + shorts combo. Except this time, I’m wearing stockings underneath. I’ve mentioned before how I don’t really like wearing stockings in our country. But for those of you who […]


Hot Pants

Just when I thought I wouldn’t have a pair of shorts shorter than may “nagshorts ka pa” shorts that I wore here and here, another pair comes along. These are definitely giving the other two a run for their money! Normally, I’d only have the guts to wear something as short as this to the […]


Off To School

I feel like I’m going to school in this outfit. It must be the plaid blazer. Its colors remind me of Harry Potter actually. But then I’m not really a Harry Potter fan so I wouldn’t even know if Harry Potter fans would think so too. What do you think? Meh. Harry Potter or not, […]


Checks and Stripes

Topshop top | WAGW skirt Louis Vuitton bag | SM Accessories watch | Topshop gold ring Topshop Unique wedges Hype this look on here. I got these wedges from Topshop, Singapore. (It’s so sad our local Topshop doesn’t carry Unique) They might not look like it but these wedges are extremely high–DANGEROUSLY high! They’re […]