School Is Cool

Summer break is officially over, kids. Here’s a little back to school #ootd made especially for those of you who are still in school. Ohhhhh, I still remember my good old student days as if it were yesterday. I loved preparing for the first day of school because it meant I get to buy new […]


Behind The Design: Pleated Tulle Gown

Yay! I finally got to wear my own design after a looooooong time. I usually don’t get to do so because I have a “clients first” policy and my events are always so last minute. But fortunately enough this time, I was able to rush a gown to wear to the Influence Asia Awards that […]


My Sexy Secret

I’ve always had a thing for lingerie, even as a stick thin tween. It was cutesy prints then, and mature prints and sensual lace now. Lingerie sleepwear however, I never really paid any attention to until recently. I used to be that girl in a big old loose shirt (sometimes with embarrassingly big holes in […]


No Excuses

I always used to say I can never work out without a personal trainer to motivate me. Without one, I’d probably go to the gym and just take my time doing half-baked exercises. For years, you won’t ever see me even attempt to work out on my own. But lately, to my surprise, I’ve actually […]


My Beach Babes

Because of my business management training at my old university, the only place I deem acceptable to wear flipflops in public is by the pool or at the beach. But even so, I still find myself looking for more stylish footwear I can bring to my summer escapades. Heels are, of course, out of the […]


How To Pull Off Red When You’re A Redhead

I used to think that once I become a redhead, it’s time to say goodbye to wearing red. I mean come on, I don’t want to look like a walking Angry Bird. Head to toe red? Won’t that look tacky? Apparently (and thankfully), it doesn’t. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to red just yet […]


All Things Sweet

All things sweet packed in a maillot by Beyond The Beach! To those of you who are still on the lookout for a swimsuit that’s stylish yet conservative, I think this maillot is perfect. It has a wholesome vibe because of its pastel-colored print and tiny little peephole that doesn’t show too much cleavage. But […]


Blog Giveaway: Go Further and Get Fit! (CLOSED)

Whenever I post photos of myself in sexy outfits, I always get questions about how I keep myself fit. It’s simple really. I work out. Yes, I may have been blessed with a fast metabolism and small frame but being thin doesn’t equate to being fit. Being thin doesn’t mean well-proportioned. And lastly, being thin […]


Be Vibrant

Bold colors for a city as vibrant as Hong Kong. With all its bright lights and flashy stores, there’s no such thing as too much. In fact, I actually blend in despite the strong hues on my outfit. Oh how I miss this place. I miss the busy streets, the loud noises and the stores […]


Up, Up And Away!

Practically everyone I know is already off to some summer destination this time of the year. I’m sure most of you guys are as well. But if you’re one of the few who still don’t have your summer travel plans figured out, don’t fret. Make the most out of what’s left for summer without traveling […]