Part Ways

Center slits are tricky things. They’re striking as ever but make one wrong move and you’re sure to give the world a show. (And no, it’s not the kind of show you’d be proud of.) So what’s a girl in a skirt with a center slit supposed to do? You can’t walk around a paranoid […]


Take It To The Streets

When you scroll down the very end of this post, you’ll see the photo of me risking my life just a little. I don’t know what got into me but I just thought, “hey, wouldn’t if be cool to get in the middle of this busy street and pose there?” At first, it seemed like something […]


Flowers For You

When the wind is blowing so hard and is refusing to let me take my outfit shots in peace, I make do and pretend I’m at a shoot with a giant fan blowing at my hair. Thank God I wasn’t wearing a short skater dress, else it would’ve been impossible for me to shoot–no matter how […]


Golden Glow

How fitting is it that I’m typing this beach post taken at Boracay last month from my hotel room in Boracay now? Yes I’m back in the island again. I used to think I wasn’t a beach baby but it seems like I am. I can’t remember how many times I’ve visited this island already. […]


The Night Is Yours

Making a name in an industry as competitive as fashion is tough, especially when you’re starting from scratch. I still remember when I started my clothing line Coexist. Back then, I was still doing it with my sister. We knew so little about the ins and outs of the industry. We didn’t know where or […]


Birds Of Paradise

Here’s what I wore to the last Bloggers United Bazaar. For those of who waited for me to arrive, I apologize once again for arriving so late! Taking these outfit shots was the major cause of my delay. Why you may ask? The most random thing happened to my blogger friend Lissa and I. We […]


I’ll Take You To The Candy Shop

Summer is near! Can you feel it? And as always, stripes are everywhere! I’m not complaining though. I love striped anything. It’s usually black and white stripes that we see a lot so it’s refreshing to see colorful ones like this in stores. For some reason, the stripes on my dress reminds me of a […]


Green & Gold

Notice anything different?? My shorter and no-longer-blonde hair is finally making its debut here on my blog! Woot! If you’ve been paying attention to my tweets and blog posts, I mentioned that I’m changing my hair color to red. This isn’t red yet though. My hairstylist Maiya from Park Jun Salon dyed it copper first […]


Gold Delight

Hello again blogging world! It’s been 3 days since my last post, I hope I was greatly missed. *cough cough* :) Anyway, if you’re wondering what’s up, work and my new laptop kept me away from my blog–work because it’s prom season now and a lot of girls are coming in to have their gowns […]


Kata Beach

Back to blogging about my short vacation at Phuket! Now, where were we? I mentioned in my previous post that my friends and I went to Kata beach for a day. We actually met a few locals the day before and they recommended we check this beach out. Unlike Phuket’s famous Patong beach, Kata beach […]

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