Fill It Up

Throwback to an old style post while I prepare my next travel series for you guys! As you can see, my hair still hasn’t transformed to that of a unicorn’s so these were from a while back. By a while back, I mean waaaaaay back in 2016. I wore this to my shoot for Early […]


Earn It

How would you like it if I tell you there’s a way for you to get your money back when you shop? No, I don’t mean returning the item you bought–nor am I about to go all devil’s advocate on you and teach you illegal tactics. I’m talking about a legitimate way of actually getting […]


Take It To The Streets

When you scroll down the very end of this post, you’ll see the photo of me risking my life just a little. I don’t know what got into me but I just thought, “hey, wouldn’t if be cool to get in the middle of this busy street and pose there?” At first, it seemed like something […]


Walk In My Shoes

Last year, I was asked by SnH Fashion if I can be the face of their new campaign that will be shot by photographer BJ Pascual. Since SnH is one of the many local shoe brands that I love working with and BJ is my favorite photographer, I naturally said yes. They’ve already released some […]


Mellow Yellow

This is the perfect example of how accessories can take your look to a whole new level. Take a pretty dress like this one and make it even more beautiful by carefully selecting the best accessories to go with it. They don’t have to be a lot. They just have to be right. To make […]


Open The Drapes

How do you beat the intense heat of the sun? With an equally hot dress, of course! Style Staple always sends me the sexiest dresses, I end up keeping them in my closet until I find the perfect occasion to wear them to, or the confidence to wear them out–whichever comes first. LOL! In this […]


Hey Dork

When you run out of things to wear or you simply want to switch things up, why don’t you check out the men’s section? That’s what I did! My top, cap and belt are all for men. The first 2–I got while shopping at Topman. The belt, on the other hand, I stole from my […]


Ravishing Red

As you look through my photos on this blog post, you’ll notice that I’m looking away in most of them. As much as I would like to say that  I was just emoting to death to get points for drama and overall impact, this wasn’t the case. Brilliant old me decided to take photos while […]


Lips To Lips

If I were to wear blue lipstick, would you still love me? Or will all respect for me go *poof*?! Since I’m no Lady Gaga, nor do I have the perfect face to pull just about anything off, I made the wise decision to leave the blue lips on my shirt and only on my […]


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

This is probably what a ballerina or skater would wear to a party–a nice little embellished dress. I swear I felt like one when I wore this out to an evening full of events and parties. I love that it’s in the classic black and white combo too. It’s the perfect canvas for the beadwork […]

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