Ain’t Nobody Taking My Jeans

There was a time in my life when denim jeans dominated my wardrobe choices. They gave me security–security from judgy eyes staring at my legs; security from peeping toms who have nothing better to do; and finally, security of knowing that whatever I pair with them, it’ll work. Although my wardrobe has become much more ...


By The Street

I’ve officially run out of blog titles and things to say. Or maybe it’s just one of those days when my brain decides to shut down on me. Thanks a lot, brain. Now that you’ve been warned of my brain’s leave of absence, prepare for random gibberish to accompany these beautiful outfit shots that I ...


Color Me Blue

If you’ve been to Barcelona and done some retail therapy here, I’m sure you’ve already seen this area. My whole stay in Barcelona practically revolved around these streets. I did nothing but shop and skipped the tourist spots since I’ve already visited them during my previous stays here. Of course, I still snapped a few ...


Reporting For Duty

Camille Co, reporting for duty! I didn’t really notice it at first but my cap actually matches my camou top, doesn’t it? I can pretend to give first aid care. Although I doubt anyone would trust me with their health problems, especially in an outfit like this. Yes, you’re eyes are not deceiving you. I ...


Hey Dork

When you run out of things to wear or you simply want to switch things up, why don’t you check out the men’s section? That’s what I did! My top, cap and belt are all for men. The first 2–I got while shopping at Topman. The belt, on the other hand, I stole from my ...


Art + Sole

Who here has worn a pair of Kickers shoes at least once in their lives? If you’re a 90s kid, I’m sure Kickers is a familiar brand to you. I, for one, was a Kickers kid back in the day. I went to school in Kickers for YEARS! Just hearing its name brings back so ...


Skinny Jeans

Anyone heard of Lee Jeans’ new collection Night Skins? All the sexiest jeans in one collection! Just think of the skinniest jeans that cling so close to your body, that’s Lee for you. I actually got my own pair of Lee Night Skins as well. In metallic, no less! Lee always has that rocker chic ...