VLOG: #TheTrio Does The Whisper Challenge

#TheTrio’s first ever collab on my channel is here!!! I seriously had so much fun doing this. I think it’s pretty clear when you watch the video below. I kept laughing the entire time, my jaw actually got tired. LOL. Anyway, I hope you guys love it as much as I do!


VLOG: Christmas With The Blogger Besties

For those of you who don’t know, the #BloggerBesties is the collective name of Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Nicole Andersson, Kryz Uy, Lissa Kahayon and our honorary “blogger” Sean Go. Our name is cheesy, I know. But when I first called our group such on my blog years ago, I had no idea […]


VLOG: Valencia and Madrid (World Pride 2017)

Here’s part 2 of my travel diary from Spain! First we explore Valencia, the land of paella (I’m totally making this up but paella valenciana though, so…) and then, we head to Madrid, Spain’s beautiful capital. I’ve always been a Barcelona over Madrid girl but for this trip, Madrid was the highlight for me. Why? […]


VLOG: Blogger Besties In Barcelona & Sitges

You won’t believe how many times we’ve planned for this. My blogger besties and I have been talking about taking a Euro trip together since I don’t know when. And finally, it happened! Introducing… the SpaiƱoritas– Camille, Laureen, Nicole and Kryz with special guest Nana. Watch 5 fun-loving girls take over Spain one city at […]


Finn’s Beach Club

I may be a beginner when it comes to surfing, but when it comes to relaxing at the beach, I’m a pro. Roxy whisked us girls away to Bali’s popular Finn’s Beach Club to just unwind and enjoy the beach the way we wanted to. Pizzas and ice cream were ordered, a few cocktails were […]


Surfing With The Roxy Squad

Another long overdue travel post here. This time, I’m going to share with you my adventure with Roxy in Bali. First thing on the agenda? Surfing, of course! It ain’t a #RoxySquad trip without it! I remember the first time I saw the waves here at Kuta Beach. I was with Laureen and Kryz then […]


I Seafood, I Eat Food

I’m trying to recall a time when I’m in Cebu and I don’t pig out. Hold on, let me think. The verdict is in. The answer is most certainly, NEVER. It’s just impossible to resist Cebu’s food. It’s practically the highlight of all my Cebu trips. (Sorry, Cebuano friends, I love you but you’d have […]


Singapore Invites YOU!

There is absolutely no question that the country I visited the most this year is Singapore. Although most of my visits were due to work, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my blogger besties in some of them, so they felt more like barkada trips than work. This is probably the reason why […]


Trick Eye

Before I start another travel series from Japan, I thought I’d humor you a little through these photos I took at Singapore’s Trick Eye Museum. Trick Eye Museum is an interactive 3D museum that originated from Seoul, South Korea. It was such a hit that it has now branched out to Hong Kong, China and […]


Behind-The-Scenes: #TheTrio On Chalk Magazine

Out of all the blessings blogging has brought into my life, the gift of friendship from my blogger besties Kryz and Laureen is the one I cherish the most. Prior to meeting in Cebu five years ago, Laureen, Kryz and I were mere acquaintances who knew each other’s names and faces. Who would’ve known we’ll […]