Smart Summer

Boracay can be the best of both worlds. It can provide relaxation and serenity. And at the same time, be the hottest place to party during summer. So which is it now? After my quiet time at Shangri-la Boracay last March (as you’ve seen in my previous posts here, here and here), I went back to my […]


Festival Fever

There’s nothing like a big music festival to kick off my summer festivities! Last April 5, Closeup brought some of the biggest local and international DJs, namely Marc Naval, Martin Pulgar, Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Helena, Alesso and Deniz Koyu together for Closeup Forever Summer. Being one of Closeup’s brand ambassadors, I couldn’t help but feel proud […]


See You In Cebu

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’m having a meet and greet in Cebu!!! Finally! This is brought to you by our lovely friends over at Islands Souvenirs for their Sinulog 2014 campaign. If you remember, I had my first experience of Cebu’s famous festival last year wearing no less than an […]


Forever Summer

I’ve got my turban on which only means one thing, I’m feeling a little boho tonight! Why? Because that’s what it says on the invite! It says to come in summer-themed, boho chic attire because Closeup has something fun and exciting to launch. Hmmm what might that be? Read on! The Closeup launch party was […]


To Universal!

These crazy kids are ready to hit Universal Studios! It’s actually my second time to visit Singapore’s theme park so I’m quite prepared–cap, muscle tee, shorts and most importantly, a pair of sneakers and a bag that I won’t mind getting dirty! It’s time to bring out the kid in me once again! I don’t […]


Closer Than Ever At Malaysia

A few weeks back, I escaped to Malaysia with my blogger besties care of Access Travel & Tours. Angely of Access Travel arranged our flights and accommodations so it was such a stress-free vacation for all of us! Thank you Angely! Now before I go on about my adventures with my blogger besties in Malaysia’s […]


Hot Off The Press

Well not really. I haven’t been diligent when it comes to collecting features and editorials I’ve been part of (especially the ones abroad *tear*). And the ones that I’ve managed to pick up however, I’m only able to share with you now. But, as the saying goes, better late than never, so here are a […]


My Pandora Experience

I always see Pandora around whenever I shop here and abroad. I must admit though that I never went into one… until now. I don’t know why it took me this long to discover all the beautiful jewellery it offers. I actually got to see most of them during my Pandora shoot a few weeks […]


Pi On My Shirt

A few weeks ago, CloseUp finally announced their big event for summer. Being one of Closeup’s brand ambassadors, I was already privy to the details of the event since last year. I’ve been dying to share the news to everyone but I wasn’t allowed to yet so I was only able to drop hints every […]


Cebu, I love You

Touchdown, Cebu! Last week my friends and I made a short trip to Cebu for Sinulog. It was a first for me so I really didn’t know what to expect. It’s actually not only my first Sinulog experience but also, my first ever FIESTA in the country. I know, I know. Shame! Almost 25 years […]