A Different Kind Of Glow

Here’s what I wore to Rappler’s round table discussion entitled “Labels As Bullies”. I, along with three other women who are all accomplished in their respective fields, was invited by the reputable social news organization to talk about how bullies use labels to bring us down and how we were able to overcome them. As stated on […]


Pencil In

When you see a collared shirt and knee-length pencil skirt together, one can’t help but think of corporate attires and business meetings. It’s a tried and tested outfit we’ve seen too many times inside board rooms and offices. It’s sophisticated, respectable and always appropriate. But what if you want to change it up and wear […]


My Rewards Outfit + Blog Giveaway (CLOSED)

Before I started working, I used to spend so much on shopping. I didn’t understand the value of money so I just kept buying clothes, shoes, bags and basically everything else I wanted. I’d shop like there’s no tomorrow, and spend as if money just grew on trees. Thankfully, my sister never got tired of […]


Start Fresh

I guess I can’t sit with Regina George then. I wore pink too early in the week. Movies like “Mean Girls” bring me back to the good old days, when I was still in school, buried in my books. Even so, I’ve always paid attention to the way I dress. Skinny jeans, in particular, were my […]


Viva Barcelona

And the style and travel posts from Spain finally begin! Although this is my fifth time to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona, I didn’t mind revisiting old favorites. My designated photographer for this trip was my childhood friend Sandy and this was her first time in the city so she wanted to see all […]


Be Iconic

Another week, another theme for the “Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge“! If you’re not familiar with it, then I suggest you read my post about it here. You’ll never know, you just might be the lucky winner of a 5-day trip to your destination of choice! This week’s theme is called “Be Iconic”. And since the […]


Five Oh One

These days, my motto is–the shorter, the better. I can’t bring myself to wear anything long because the heat is just insane! So what’s my weapon of choice to fight it off today? My Levi’s 501 shorts! They’re keeping me equipped for the long day ahead of me. Since they’re in distressed denim and have little white […]


Mint Condition

Now that I’m past the first quarter of my life, assuming I live until a 100 years old, (Oh dear God, I don’t think I want to reach a century old) it feels a tiny bit different. 26 just doesn’t have the same ring to it as 25. But even so, I’m #proudofmyage. (You can’t take […]


Color Me Pink

It’s not obvious I like pink, isn’t it? I mean, this outfit is just so subtle, you won’t even be able to tell. Sarcasm aside, I’ve always been a pink-lover. It was my favorite color as a kid, all the way until my teenage years. This is probably Barbie’s fault. She programmed me into thinking […]


Weekend Getaway

A long time ago, I was asked about what I love most about living in Metro Manila. I said I love that it gives me the best of both worlds–the bustling metropolitan and then just a few hours away, the unpretentious beauty of nature. Resorts, beaches and various getaways are just a short road trip […]