My Guy Stuart

We all have that one pair of shoes we always complain about but still wear anyway because they’re just too pretty. They’re like bad relationships. They hurt you but you love them so you keep coming back for more. Well, I’ve had it with them so I found a new replacement. (I’m talking about the […]


I Spy With My Little Eye

It’s been a long time since I last bought a simple bodycon dress like this. I’ve been staying away from them in preparation for my older years– when my metabolism can no longer save me from my constant pig out impluses and I don’t have the patience to work out anymore. But there’s something about this dress that […]


One Skirt, Two Looks (Look #1)

When I first got this skirt from Romwe, I fell in love with it completely. It’s just so puffy and feminine, it makes me want to twirl and skip around a garden full of daisies and roses and sing along with birds and squirrels. (Yes, I am a Disney princess. I’ve been keeping this a […]


Basic Instinct

It’s back to basics once again. This is what I call corporate chic styled in a minimalist way. It’s the classic black and white combination. Practically anyone can pull this off! It’s as easy as batting your pretty little lashes. :) I’ve always wanted wide trousers. As I’ve said before, Mango always has the best […]