Shopping Madness

If you’re a shopaholic and there’s just no saving you, then you’ve got to at least be wise about it. Avail of membership or rewards cards and look out for special promos so that you get to shop more with less guilt. Trust me, I should know. I belong to a family of master shoppers […]


My Rewards Outfit + Blog Giveaway (CLOSED)

Before I started working, I used to spend so much on shopping. I didn’t understand the value of money so I just kept buying clothes, shoes, bags and basically everything else I wanted. I’d shop like there’s no tomorrow, and spend as if money just grew on trees. Thankfully, my sister never got tired of […]


Love Your Hair

My hairstylist tells me I’m so fickle when it comes to my hair. I get bored with it easily so I always bug her about changing my hair color. I used to plead with her all the time to allow me to change it and she’d always say no. Now though, we’ve learned to compromise. […]


It’s A Hair Affair

You may not want to admit it, but I’m sure you care more about your hair than you’re willing to admit. And why wouldn’t you? Your hair contributes greatly to your appearance and a bad hair day can be a major buzz kill. Yes, this may sound superficial but it’s the truth and you know […]


For Real Men

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, world-renowned model David Gandy is SM Men’s Fashion’s newest face. And last night, he finally walked the runway for SM Men’s Fashion at its Philippine Fashion Week show! (I can still hear the fangirl squeals.) Now, I’m sure a lot of you are excited to see what went […]


Camille Co For Soiree

Listen up, teens! I’ve got something special for you. Let me present to you, Camille Co For Soiree! Yes, another design collaboration! Woot! This time, it’s with retail giant, SM’s Girls Teens Wear (GTW). If you remember, I was a brand ambassador for SM GTW before, so it feels great to be working with them […]


Be My Teammate For The Big Mascara Face-Off

Have you heard? Majolica Majorca is hosting a BIG mascara face-off! I’ve already reviewed their Lash King in one of my previous posts. If that still didn’t do it for you, then maybe this mascara face-off will help you decide. Visit Majolica Majorca in one of their branches listed on the poster below on the […]


Green & Gold

Notice anything different?? My shorter and no-longer-blonde hair is finally making its debut here on my blog! Woot! If you’ve been paying attention to my tweets and blog posts, I mentioned that I’m changing my hair color to red. This isn’t red yet though. My hairstylist Maiya from Park Jun Salon dyed it copper first […]


Double Slit

One slit isn’t enough, I need two! :) You can’t see it here but if you look at the rest of my photos, you’ll see that there are slits on both sides of my skirt. Well actually, they’re not really slits. They just look like slits because of the way my skirt was made. The […]


Get Me Out Of Jail Free

Obviously, this post’s title was inspired by the stripes on my skirt. Stripes as bold as these always remind me of the “get out of jail free” card from Monopoly. Ooooh!!!! Oooooh!!! Sudden light bulb moment! That would be a cool couple Halloween costume!! The Monopoly police and prisoner! CUTE! Okay. That was so random. […]