Wind In My Hair, Sand Beneath My Feet

Us girls and our cravings–it’s a deadly relationship. We crave, we pig out and then when the time comes to hit the beach, we regret. It’s a never-ending cycle, one that my girlfriends and I always seem to find ourselves in. So what do I do aside from regretting ever succumbing to my delicious cravings? […]


Dreaming of Mykonos

I may be dreaming of winter and cold weather dressing from time to time but it doesn’t mean I’m not thankful to live in the Philippines–where pristine beaches are abundant and summer practically runs all year round. Just 2 weeks ago, Nivea whisked me away to nearby Balesin where I got to pretend I was in Mykonos during […]


True Blue

Remember when color blocking was such a huge trend? It may not be as big now but it’s still a huge check in my book. You see, trends may come and go, but if something looks good, trendy or not, it still looks good. Plain and simple. No fashion forecast can ever change that. So […]


Barber Shop

I’ve always loved this particular barber shop’s look located at Hong Kong’s Central district. It’s got that retro quirky vibe that’s bound to get a lot of love and snaps. The vintage television sets, the traditional barber shop sign, the vibrant color of red–totally Instagrammable. Funny how we’ve coined new terms that a few years ago, no […]


Pattern Play

In life, you need a little spontaneity. Without it, you just might be missing out on the best memories you’ll ever make. My recent trip to Hong Kong is a testament to this. My friends and I were just hanging out one night during the holidays when we suddenly thought of booking this trip. Boy […]


The Day I Trekked Mt. Pinatubo

Thanks to V.E.S Travel And Tours, I was finally able to check “trek Mt. Pinatubo” off my bucket list. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, we stayed overnight at V.E.S Food Resort and Villas. We were scheduled to leave the hotel by 5am and start making our way to the base camp by van. […]


Travel Diary: Shopping, Food And Entertainment At Guam

Prior to my trip to Guam, there’s one constant thing I’ve always heard about the place–it’s every shoppers’ ultimate shopping destination. Basically everyone around me has been gushing about how insane the deals are in this shopping paradise because everything here is tax-free. So when Guam Visitors Bureau invited me for Shop Guam Festival (SGF), […]


Two Lovers Point

I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again anyway–Guam really has no shortage of dramatic overlooks. Just when I thought I’ve seen the best view of the city, Guam Visitors Bureau takes us to the famous Two Lovers Point, a cliff line located atop Tumon Bay in Northern Guam. It overlooks the glistening waters […]


Travel Diary: Exploring Guam’s Marine Life

It’s not enough to just frolick around Guam’s pristine beaches, especially with such a diverse mix of marine life waiting to be discovered underwater. Now, I’m no scuba diver and I’m not even remotely good at swimming but these didn’t stop me from exploring the deep blue waters. First was through Guam’s Underwater World which […]


Beachin’ at Guam

No visit to Guam would ever be complete without some fun under the sun. Although the hotel we’re staying in already has its own beach front (like most of the hotels and resorts here), we opted to escape the hustle and bustle of hotel row and travel a bit further to Coco Palm Garden Beach Resort […]