Mango Metallic

So I’m currently doing a blogger challenge sponsored by Mango and StyleBible. The theme for this week is metallic. Mango clothes, belt, accessories, bag and shoes Originally, I was looking for the metallic gold or red blazer and pants combo I saw in Mango’s catalogue. I don’t think they’re in stores yet so I opted […]


Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards 2011

The Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards (PEFTA) is something really close to my heart. Around this time last year, I was lucky enough to be included in this roster of 10. We were the batch that introduced PEFTA, which used to be the annual 10 Designers to Watch For list of Preview Magazine. I remember […]


Take Me To Korea

What I wore to the recently concluded Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards (more about it on my next post) and the blogger dinner hosted by Connect Agencie at the newly opened Mango Tree Thai restaurant located at Greenbelt 5. I got this dress from a new online store based in Korea called Yellophant. (Can someone […]