Swag On

If I were a pop star, I’d totally wear this sweater and skirt set with sneakers, Rihanna style…or KPOP style. Whatever floats your boat. But because I want to look a bit more sophisticated, I went for my classic Louboutin pumps instead. You see, I believe in the saying, “the right shoes will take you […]


The Night Is Yours

Making a name in an industry as competitive as fashion is tough, especially when you’re starting from scratch. I still remember when I started my clothing line Coexist. Back then, I was still doing it with my sister. We knew so little about the ins and outs of the industry. We didn’t know where or […]


Military Chic

It feels like ages ago since my last outfit post under the hot summer sun. I kind of missed it. No more coats. No more layering. Just a good old pair of shorts and a tiny top to help me survive the heat. Whew, finally! Dressing up no longer requires battling with my stockings and […]