VLOG: My Bag Collection

So many of you have been requesting for this for so long, I just had to do it. Here’s my entire bag collection for all of you to see! It’s a humble but growing collection I started around the time I launched my blog. Most of these bags are fruits of my labor–things that I saved up for for years, which is why they are dear to my heart. I see them as investment pieces that I hope I’ll one day pass on to my mini me’s–just like how my mom passed her bags on to me.

Aside from a detailed run-through of my bags, I also talked about how I take care of them–how I store them, keep them clean and in shape. Learn all about my tips and tricks below!

27 Responses to “VLOG: My Bag Collection”
  1. Eloisa Abella

    Patiently waited for the Chanel Flap Bag as it was stated in an article that you are one of the few people here in the Philippines who owns one :)

  2. Kathleen Monique

    That is one huge bag collection, Ate Camille! And they’re all so pretty! I’m not exactly a fan of bags but my mom is so watching this vlog gave me ideas of what bags I should gift her. I’m going with the comfort over style since my mom’s getting old.

    Yep, I am definitely going to save a lot of money to buy mom a huge collection of bags! She’s a huge fan of LV bags btw hihi. :)

  3. Ana

    Love to see your bags collection and so glad that you owned a Moynat ;)
    Saving up mine to get it too

    May I know where did you get the pink Mansur Gavriel metropolitan tote?
    I am so in love with it and couldn’t find the exact color it anywhere online

  4. Natasha

    Just saw your latest video! What moisturizer do you use everyday for oily skin? :D

  5. Tanya

    hi camille! I was just wondering, what sunblock do you use everyday under your make-up? Been trying to look for a a good one for oily skin for everyday wear. :)

  6. MJ

    so nice collections not lavish like others na di na practical hehhee.thumbs up lady Camille..

  7. Desire

    I really admired your being transparent without looking bragging despite of having so much of what you needed. I also love to collect bags but not comparable to yours. But I’m hoping that one-fine day I could purchase my dream bag.

    • Camille Co

      I’m relieved that it doesn’t come off braggy. Thanks so much! I’m sure you’ll be able to get your dream bag! Nothing hardwork and perseverance can’t achieve!!

  8. Jubellemm

    Hello ate camille! i havent been to your blog for months now (so busy T_T but im back yay) i just want to ask what are the cameras you are using now? is it still the one you’ve posted on your latest vlog about your cameras? thanks and hoping for your response xx

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