In GAP At Putrajaya

And the Malaysia Truly Asia posts begin!!! Let me start with what I wore on our first day. I had to catch the 7:50 A.M. flight so comfort was definitely a priority. I only had less than 2 hours of sleep and woke up at a few minutes past 5-freakin-AM! I OVERSLEPT! I have no […]


5 Days of Miss Selfridge – Day 5

Here we go, the last of my Miss Selfridge series! This doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing me in Miss Selfridge any more. It’s really one of my favorite brands so there’s more to come for sure! The top I’m wearing here is actually a bodysuit. It’s so sexaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. I love how the sheer panels […]


5 Days of Miss Selfridge – Day 4

You’ve seen the party dresses, so how about a little casual dressing this time around? I actually wore this last Saturday when I toured around Malacca as part of my trip for Tourism Malaysia. Of course, I’ll tell you all about my trip to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca but I’m going to hold off on […]


Wear Everyday

I had a shoot last month for the latest online magazine in town–WearEveryday Manila. So what’s WearEverday Manila? Don’t you just hate it when you read online magazines and find out that most, if not, all the items featured in it are not available locally? WearEveryday Manila aims to highlight readily available merchandise and translate […]


5 Days of Miss Selfridge – Day 3

Day 3! Looking for a dress to wear to a party? Miss Selfridge has tons of options! This dress is just one of the many that caught my eye. It sort of reminds me of Alexander McQueen’s S/S 2010 collection’s prints so I just had to get it. And did I mention that it has […]


5 Days of Miss Selfridge – Day 2

Day 2 of my Miss Selfridge series. I know it’s not the most practical time to wear a leather jacket in our hot weather. Trust me, I suffered for the sake of fashion. It’s just that I really wanted to show you how pretty this leather jacket from Miss Selfridge is. I’m really into jackets […]


5 Days of Miss Selfridge – Day 1

Take a look at my banner ad above this. What does it say? It says Miss Selfridge is finally coming to the Philippines in 5 days!!!! Yay! I’m extremely happy that this famous British high-street brand will now be available here. It’s one of my ultimate favorite stores abroad. I swear I go gaga every […]


Denim Ombre

Remember the shoot I did many weeks ago for Lacoste watches? The official photos haven’t been released yet but here’s another one of the layouts I did. Like my previous outfit, I had to style this according to the watch I’m wearing. I decided to do a denim on denim look to go with the […]


Candy Yum Yum

It was surprisingly sunny the other day. Since I’m still a bit reluctant to say goodbye to summer, I made sure to grab this opportunity and dress accordingly. Needless to say, I got a little too excited hence the burst of  bubblegum colors. A tip for girls who are not comfortable wearing just bras alone […]


Show Me Some Skin

Whenever I go to the beach, my mom would ALWAYS (without fail) call me just to remind me to take care of my skin and to NOT get a tan. She’s the typical Chinese mom who thinks fair skin is might. Of course, I’m the typical daughter who thinks tanned is sexy. But at the […]