Black, White And A Little Sequins

Black, white and red–tried and tested. This combination always works. Nothing fancy here. I was feeling a little under the weather so I wasn’t in the mood for splashes of color.

With an already sequined blouse, I steered clear of any necklaces that might add any unnecessary distractions. This doesn’t mean I can’t pile on the bling  through my favorite embellished vest to keep things interesting. I’m sure you’ve seen this vest and skirt here before. A girl’s gotta be practical you know. These are hard times! Haha! As I’ve said before, even Kate Middleton repeats clothes! There’s no shame in that. :)

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Virgos Lounge top | ZARA vest | I Heart Matilda skirt

Butingtings ring | Balenciaga bag

Call It Spring heels

On a totally unrelated note, I’m leaving for New York this Friday!! GAH! It’s been so long since I last visited the city. I really want to visit a few thrift shops too while I’m there so if you have any suggestions, please let me know and leave a comment below. Weeeeee! More travel photos!


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  1. maica

    I love your outfit here! You’re indeed so pretty and I love your towering height as well as your lovely high heels!!!! :D

  2. Louise

    Hi miss Camille. I just want to say that you’re beautiful and what I like the most about you is that , I really love the way you dress . I saw you on the show Etcetera at ETC and after I watch that I looked and searched for your website. I also love your clothes, that’s why whenever I have problem on what to wear, I definitely look on your blog. Hihihi :”> I would love to see you Miss Camille :) Take Care Miss, Stay Pretty and Smile .

  3. Jammy

    Hi! Nice outfit by the way! =) I’d like to ask for the brand and shade of the lipstick you’re wearing. Thanks!

  4. Kharla Mendez

    Hi! Please help. I’ll be attending a wedding next month. I’ll be wearing a red venus cut dress. What’s the most appropriate shoes?

    • itscamilleco

      Black pumps or elegant heels. Nothing too strappy :)

  5. alex

    You look gorgeous and reading your blog is such an inspiration. You seem so tall and slender.. Wonder what’s your waistline?

  6. Charisse Roa

    I personally love anything sequined and embellished collars! ♥ I love your outfit, Camille! New York this coming Friday?! Wow! Can’t wait for your travel photos, looks and anything in between! Have fun!! Seriously, checking your blog is my habit already :)

  7. Khayrin

    Your lipstick goes well with the color of your bag. :D I love them both. Nyahaha.

    • itscamilleco

      You’re so young! :) Just do what you want to do :) Fashion blogging shouldn’t have rules! Let your love for it guide you. It may sound cliche but it’s true!

  8. Issa

    Oh, I wonder if I could walk on those heels! you’re so pretty Miss Camille! love your lip color! from what brand and what shade is that? i wanna get this! :)

  9. Mark U

    Ah, New York. One of my bucket list travel destinations for street photography. And you’ll be gone for a while.. T^T

    Also, those shoes of yours scare me; metal heels and all.

    • itscamilleco

      Haha they’re safe! Although they can kill! Death by stilettos!

  10. Lungi

    There are thrift shops everywhere in Manhattan. But here’s a few i’ve heard about

    Angel Street Thrift Shop
    Arthritis Thrift Shop
    Housing Works
    Vintage Thrift (i like this one)

    Have F.U.N :-)

  11. Shey Ann B. Asuncion

    I like the color of your lippy. You looks so fresh and glowing with that. ♥

  12. nhik's

    wow last time your in malacca now your in new york..buti kpa..sana mkapunta rin ako jan hehehe…i love your bag and shoes there..=)

  13. maria

    Love this outfit , especially the sequins vest ! Agree with you , fashion is about creativity and how we take advantage of the clothes we have , the point is we should show our creativity by repeating clothes , not be ashamed about it.

  14. Anaivilo

    Always looking brilliant! I love the sequins, they give such a soft sparkle to the outfit, they give a great highlight :D

  15. Tin F.


    I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I live in the city and I like shopping in thrift stores as well! Here’s a list:

    The Thrift Shop, 62 Thomas St., NYC, 10013, (212) 571-2644
    Village Thrift Shop, 130 W. 3rd St., NYC, 10012, (212) 673-0231
    St. Luke’s Thrift Shop, 487 Hudson St., NYC, 10014, (212) 924-9364
    Goodwill Thrift Shop, 186 2nd Ave., NYC, 10003, (212) 533-2768
    Sirovich Thrift Shop, 331 E. 12th St., NYC, 10003, (212) 228-7836
    Salvation Army Thrift Store, 115 Allen St., NYC, 10002, (212) 254-2916
    Salvation Army Thrift Store, 208 8th Ave., NYC, 10011, (212) 929-5214
    Chelsea Thrift Shop, 201 8th Ave., NYC, 10011, (212) 675-1520
    Housing Works Thrift Shop, 136 W. 18th St., NYC, 10011, (212) 366-0820
    Everybody’s Thrift Shop, 261 Park Ave., NYC, 10010, (212) 355-9263
    St. George’s Thrift Shop, 61 Gramercy Park N., NYC, 10010, (212) 260-0350
    Salvation Army Thrift Store, 220 E. 23rd St., NYC, 10010, (212) 532-8115
    Repeat Performance Thrift Shop, 220 E. 23rd St., NYC, 10010, (212) 684-5344
    Salvation Army Thrift Store, 112 4th Ave., NYC, 10003, (212) 873-2741
    Center Thrift Shop, 120 E. 28th St., NYC, 10016, (212) 576-4103
    Help Line Thrift Shop, 382 3rd Ave., NYC, 10016, (212) 532-5136
    Goodwill Thrift Shop, 402 3rd Ave., NYC, 10016, (212) 679-0786
    Salvation Army Thrift Store, 536 W. 46 St., NYC, 10036, (212) 664-8563
    Goodwill Thrift Shop, 217 W. 79th St., NYC, 10024, (212) 874-5050
    Goddard-Riverside Thrift Shop, 647 Columbus Ave., NYC, 10025, (212) 873-6608
    West Shop of the Bridge, 642 Amsterdam Ave., NYC, 10025, (212) 874-1340
    Salvation Army Thrift Store, 268 W. 96th St., NYC, 10025, (212) 663-2258
    Goodwill Thrift Shop, 2196 5th Ave., NYC, 10037, (212) 862-0020
    Arthritis Foundation Thrift Shop, 121 E. 77th St., NYC, 10021, (212) 772-8816
    Housing Works Thrift Shop, 202 E. 77th St., NYC, 10021, (212) 772-8592
    Irving Institute for Medical Research Thrift Shop, 1534 2nd Ave., NYC, 10021, (212) 879-4555
    Council Thrift Shop, 426 E. 84th St., NYC, 10028, (212) 439-8373
    Out of the Closet Thrift Shop, 220 E. 81st St., NYC, 10028, (212) 472-3573
    Spence-Chapin Thrift Shop, 1473 3rd Ave., NYC, 10028, (212) 737-8448
    Spence-Chapin Thrift Shop, 1850 2nd Ave., NYC, 10128, (212) 426-7643
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Thrift Shop, 1440 3rd. Ave., NYC, 10028, (212) 535-1250
    Godmother’s League Thrift Shop, 1459 3rd Ave., NYC, 10028, (212) 988-2858
    Cancer Care Thrift Shop, 1480 3rd Ave., NYC, 10028, (212) 879-9868
    York Avenue Thrift Store, 1616 York Ave., NYC, 10028, (212) 794-7080
    Stuyvesant Square Thrift Shop, 1704 2nd Ave., NYC, 10128, (212) 831-1830
    Harlem Restoration Project Thrift Shop, 461 W. 125th St., NYC, 10027, (212) 864-6992
    Crossroad Baptist Church Thrift Shop, 102 W. 127th St., NYC, 10027, (no phone)
    Salvation Army Thrift Store, 26 E. 125th St., NYC, 10035, (212) 289-9617
    St. Margarets House Thrift Shop, 49 Fulton St., NYC, 10038, (no phone)
    Cabrini Thrift Store, 520 Main St., Roosevelt Island, NYC, 10044, (212) 644-8332

    Happy shopping!


    • itscamilleco

      Oh wow! I almost deleted your comment thinking it was spam! Thank you for the list! :) Appreciate it! :)

  16. Isa Reynoso

    This is super classy! <3 The best ka talaga when it comes to sophistication. Your bag is divine! haha and I really like your hair color! <3

    I honestly can't wait for your super fierce high fashion photos in NYC! :) have the best time there!

  17. Taylor

    Camille, the vest is gorgeous! Can’t remember seeing you in them before, but even if you repeat outfits, nothing wrong with that. They’re gorgeous and worth wearing over and over again. lol

    • itscamilleco

      Filipino Chinese school called Saint Jude Catholic School :)

  18. Tasha D.

    I’m loving even more what you wear lately! Saw this outfit on your GMA segment :) I’d prefer this outfit with metallic shoes but nevertheless you still look gorgeous! I’m excited for your NYC trip! Especially on what you will wear! What are you there for? :D Have you been to Greece? Is there any country you haven’t visited that you’re dying to go to?

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Tasha! I’m dying to go to Korea and London! i haven’t been there! I’ve been to Greece but only for a day haha so I’d love to go back :)

  19. Kesly Winona

    Hi Camille! I agree, there’s no shame in wearing something twice! I love your look here and as always, you are so stunning and gorgeous! I’ve hyped your look :D Hope we can be great blogging/lookbook friends :D


  20. Offie Marie Rebanal Aquino

    you look so pretty camille! im so glad i’ve found your blog! i check it everyday! you really inspire me in so many ways :)

  21. jhaycee

    take care po. ^_^
    im excited to the outfit’s you ware there.
    hope you have a lot to share with us.

  22. Louise

    I like that you also enjoy traveling :) this makes your blog more interesting.
    I get inspired by your fashion plus I’ve got to marvel those travel photos of yours, feels
    like I’m traveling too :) :), how I wish I can visit other countries soon :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Louise! I love traveling! So much to learn and to experience! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Chai! :) If only I can travel everyday, I would!

  23. Molly

    oh NY! I wish I can enter your body for 168 hrs. So I can live a life like yours for at least a week. :)) btw, I suggest for a pasalubong (if you wouldn’t mind at all) haha

      • Molly

        haha thanks to the calculator. Hope you’ll post your NY pics as soon as you get back. I’m excited to see it, especially ang outfit =)

        btw, u never been to Korea? how come? Why u didn’t come with Laureen and Liz (last month? if I’m not mistaken :D)…

          • Molly

            no doubt with a Camille Co. Such a busy bee :D madami pa nman next time! And I can’t wait for u to blog about it. Korean fashion is very interesting :)

  24. Christine

    You’re leaving for ny? Wow! I’m starting to feel this will be a travel blog too! :) you’re so lucky camille!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Christine! :) I love traveling and I love fashion so why not blog about both haha! :) Although I doubt I’m as informative as most travel blogs haha!

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