Tomboy Chic

You don’t need a lot to pull off the tomboy chic style. It’s basically just getting the right mix of beautifully lousy clothes that would make people think you’re too cool to care about what you’re wearing. But in reality, you do care. If you’ve got a closet full of basics, then maybe you should try this style more. It’s the easiest to put-together and the comfort level is an added bonus. Take a look at my outfit for example. It’s basically just a white blouse and denim jeans combo–threw in an oversized jacket (that’s to die for btw) and voila! Sartorial street-ready!

Mango crystal necklace and belt Edge Co. V necklace Mango jacket, eyelet top and ripped jeans Saint Laurent bag Valentino heels

32 Responses to “Tomboy Chic”
  1. anonymous

    Well, those items are only there for if any ahm, missions, come up where clothes are liable to get wrecked and/or filthy! Don’t ask ;)

  2. anonymous

    “Beautifully lousy” isn’t a phrase I would link with your top drawer dress sense. Might be a few qualifying items in my own wardrobe though; with the “beautifully” part adjusted, haha :)

  3. Hana

    I love the belt! Where did you purchase it from? Thank you :(( BTW, what you put together was a great way of spicing up a basics look!

  4. Kathleen Monique

    This style fits for people who like punk rock fashion like me. My only problem is…I lack basic outfits lol. I’d definitely try this style once I have a closet full of basics.

  5. Erika

    nice jeans and jacket! but I think this looks even better with mules , or clogs or anything na hindi masyadong exposed ang paa

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