VLOG: Beach Fashion At Khao Lak , Thailand

Check out my first ever beach travel and fashion diary featuring the beautiful beach of Khao Lak, Thailand. Bonus: I even share a few tips on how to pose in swimwear.

Prior to this trip, I did a quick google search of Khao Lak and only then did that I find out that it was actually one of the most badly hit places during the 2004 tsunami disaster. I was still in high school then and only had Phuket in my radar. I had no idea there were a bunch of other beaches that were affected as well. (The world seems like a much smaller place when you’re young, doesn’t it?)

From what I’ve gathered, Khao Lak wasn’t as well developed as Phuket back then and that’s what tourists and locals alike loved about the place. Instead of modern resorts, the beach was filled with beachfront bungalows–bungalows that really didn’t have much support or strong foundation. What happened in 2004 was a huge wake up call. So now, more than a decade later, all the resorts are pushed back and elevated–with sea walls (?) in front of the resorts and tsunami warning systems installed near the vicinity. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have noticed these things if I didn’t know Khao Lak’s history. It’s amazing how this place has bounced back, but not without getting some valuable lessons from the past. I hope that as you watch this video, you’ll see Khao Lak for its beauty and resilience.

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