Portobello Road

To those of you who follow my Youtube page, you’ve probably already seen my travel diary from London. (If not, feel free to get up to speed and watch it here.) And as promised on said travel diary, here’s a good old blog post of my trip–starting with day 1: exploring Portobello and the Kensington Garden.

Portobello Road is no stranger to most people, especially if you’re old enough to remember the 1999 classic Notting Hill. It’s famous for its market and charming little stores, selling everything from vintage clothes and antique items to electronics, accessories, artworks and street food. It used to be just a fruit and veggies market back in the day but slowly evolved into the market it is now, loved by locals and tourists alike.

I read online that it’s best to go to Portobello Market early in the morning–Saturdays if you’re into antiques as it’s the main trading day but if not, Friday is a good day too. I wasn’t really going for the shopping though (Gasp! I know, I’m full of surprises!) so it didn’t really matter much to me. I was mainly there for the gorgeous architecture and to take photos of all the little knick knacks I find along the way (like beautiful vintage jewelry and home decor). The pretty pastel building lined streets of Notting Hill were on the agenda as well so I was just strolling around the area and taking my own sweet time before finally making my way to the Kensington Gardens. It was the perfect introduction to London–especially for one who’s yet to adjust to jet lag.

P.S. You can now download the detailed 8 day itinerary I made for my London / Edinburgh trip, including the various day trips we made from the two cities, plus restaurants and tours I booked HERE. You’re welcome.

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  1. Anne

    I super love everything about this trip Cams! I completely get the fascination with taking photos of architecture and little trinkets. Not going to Europe soon but I’m saving this post and itinerary for the future. :) Also, it just occurred to me as to why I was so attracted to this dress at the mall. It looked quite similar to yours save for the neckline and the length! Hehe.

    PS. Advance happy birthday!


    • Camille Co

      Thanks Anne!! :) I believe you’ll get to visit London!! Hard work pays off

  2. Katrin Marielle Antonio

    Hi Ate Cams! If I’m not mistaken on the vlog you’re with your mom, right? hahaha The day I’ve watched your London Vlog on your youtube channel I am not aware that my mama is at my back watching also! haha then she said, “One day be like, Camille. Travel and Travel then Shop and eat. But don’t forget me” hahaha :)

  3. Sheine

    I am so in love with all the colors of the photos!! And it feels good to read your blog posts again! ❤ love ya!!

  4. Xian Balbido

    You’re so pretty! Ikaw na ang madame peg ko talaga haha.. please keep spreading the good vibes! Love yah!

  5. Quena Patigdas

    **Camille, kung maka “Cam” FC masyado na reader hahahaha

  6. Quena Patigdas

    I missed reading posts like this from you. Though I enjoyed watching your vlogs. Nothing compares to the good old blog post! Thanks Cam 😘

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