VLOG: Designing My Own Bathroom

Not a lot of you may know this but I actually considered becoming an interior designer when I was choosing what to major in back in the day. (Yes “back in the day”, 14 years ago to be exact. I officially feel old now. LOL.) I was already interested in anything design-oriented, and since my thinking back then was that interior design is more practical than fashion design, maybe I should I try it out instead, at least I can still be in the design field. Ultimately though, I played it safe and went for business management. Fast-forward to now, the frustrated interior designer in me is still very much alive. All the more now that I’m 30 and I actually get as excited over furniture and decor as I am whenever I’m presented with new shoes and bags. This is why when it came to designing our house, I was all for it! YES, I VOLUNTEER!!

It wasn’t easy though, trust me, especially when you’re designing so many different rooms for different personalities. Of course I got confused with all the tiles, fixtures, paint colors, furniture, finishings and so many other details at one point. But the trick here is to really just take it one step at a time. Focus. Look for pegs. Curate. Source. Don’t let all the little details overwhelm you. You’ll get there eventually. Look at me, I certainly did.

So here it is–the fruits of my labor, starting with my bathroom.

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