My First Ever Cruise

I joined a cruise for the first time, thanks to the good people behind SuperStar Virgo. I don’t know why it took me this long to try a cruise. Maybe it’s because I was scared of feeling claustrophobic in a ship? The thought of  getting cooped up in a tiny cabin for days doesn’t make cruising sound so appealing to me. But then all that went away when I saw the huge ship that is SuperStar Virgo. It is Star Cruise’s fleet flagship after all.

What was I thinking? The moment I stepped into SuperStar Virgo, I knew claustrophobia wouldn’t be an issue. I mean, IT’S MASSIVE!!! For a moment there, I actually forgot I was on a ship and not in a hotel. It has a grand lobby, 15 bars and restaurants, a gym, not one but TWO pools (one of which is a splash pool with fun slides), duty free shopping, a theater, a game room, karaoke and more! There’s no way I’d run out of things to do here. And when I got to my room, I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious it was. I even had a balcony to enjoy the ocean view as we cruise. (Not that I stayed there anyway, I was always out on the pool deck sunbathing.)

Our route for SuperStar Virgo was Manila – Ishigaki, Japan – Keelung, Taiwan – Manila. It was a 6 day trip beginning with a day and a half of cruising before finally arriving at Ishigaki. Although guests are free to plan their day and arrange their own tours, my group decided to join one of the various shore excursions arranged by SuperStar Virgo. We felt that it was a hassle-free option and at least we’re sure we’ll be back  on time. The tour we joined was the Ishigaki Round Island tour with meals included. It covered the Ishigaki Yaima Village, Uganzaki Cape and shopping at Aeon Max Valu, the largest supermarket complex in Ishigaki. Although I’m happy we got our Japanese shopping fix, the highlight of the tour for me was really the Ishigaki beef lunch they arranged for us. It was so good I never wanted to leave!

After only one night of cruising, I woke up and found myself in Taiwan. We joined another shore excursion arranged by SuperStar Virgo namely, the Shifen Scenic Tour. We chose this tour because most of us in our group have already been to Taipei’s city center. This tour offered sights we haven’t seen before like the Shifen Waterfalls, Pingxi Old Street (where the famous old railway lined with lantern shops is) and the Keelung Miaokou Street for more shopping and local delicacies. Frankly, just getting to eat Taiwanese street food again was enough to make me happy.

Overall, it was a good first cruise experience for me. The seas were calm. The weather was great. We enjoyed the ship’s facilities, joined games, relaxed, ate, slept and boom! We were already at our destination the next day–ready to be toured around by our guides. It’s the easiest travel experience! We didn’t have to think or worry about anything the entire time. If you’re traveling with a big group of friends or family, you should definitely consider going on a cruise.

For more information on SuperStar Virgo, visit their website and follow Star Cruises on Instagram and Facebook.

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