Little Secret

Hong Kong’s Central, just like most of Hong Kong’s districts, has an interesting mix of architecture. When you go down its main streets, you’ll see plenty of big stores and buildings in modern architecture. But when you take a little detour down to the smaller side streets, a whole new world greets you. It’s the […]


Just For Kicks

There was a time in my life (many many times in my life, actually) that I had zero sports or health-inclined activities. I’d always have moments when I’d let my laziness take over for not just months, but years! You won’t see me step foot inside the gym or break a sweat. No morning walks. […]


Gardens By The Bay

I’ve been to Singapore a lot of times already but I’ve never really explored the country. My goals were always shopping and eating. What a shame, right? This is the reason why when my dad asked me to accompany him to the Lion City, I made sure to make my trip more about the sights […]


My Dandy Outfit

As promised, here’s more of my dandy outfit from my previous post. In an attempt to look as effortlessly sexy as Gandy is in a shirt, I got my new favorite low cut shirt from Sexy White Shirt and tried my best to channel Gandy. Of course I added my own style into the mix. This is […]


Dandy Like Gandy

Do you know David Gandy? You know, that hot British supermodel who’s known to be one of sexiest, most influential and successful male models in the world? He’s graced the pages of countless magazines and ads, including Dolce & Gabbana which he’s most famous for. If you don’t know him and are Googling him as […]


Boy Girl

Have you joined Forever 21′s Threebies, My Way contest? If you still have no idea what this is all about, then you must’ve missed my blog post about it here. Awesome prizes await the 21 winners of this contest! Join and get a chance to win Forever 21 gift certificates, a shoot with me to be […]


Style Inspirations For Holiday 2013 Trends

We’re more than halfway through 2013. How time flies! Before you know it, the -ber months are here. To help you with this transition, Tim Yap and I collaborated to bring you the trends you should know this Holiday 2013 according to P&G Beauty experts. This is my last project as a P&G Beauty Ambassador so […]


Hey Dork

When you run out of things to wear or you simply want to switch things up, why don’t you check out the men’s section? That’s what I did! My top, cap and belt are all for men. The first 2–I got while shopping at Topman. The belt, on the other hand, I stole from my […]


Bag In A Hat

How about something military chic for today’s post? I got inspired by my new military jacket from She Inside. Instead of pairing it with the usual edgy pair of shorts or pants, I tried mixing it up a bit with my ruffled skirt. Now, my outfit is both masculine and feminine which makes for an […]


Basic Instinct

It’s back to basics once again. This is what I call corporate chic styled in a minimalist way. It’s the classic black and white combination. Practically anyone can pull this off! It’s as easy as batting your pretty little lashes. :) I’ve always wanted wide trousers. As I’ve said before, Mango always has the best […]

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