Dose of Happiness

“To spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colorful design piece with a rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship and creativity.”–This is the concept behind Happy Socks, the Swedish brand that offers the quirkiest and most stylish socks out in the market.

I first spotted Happy Socks when I was shopping around Hong Kong. I remember cracking a smile as I stared at their colorful patterns and thought to myself, “what an appropriate choice of brand name for these cuties.” You see, they may just be socks but trust me when I say, they can instantly brighten the gloomiest and laziest outfits. Just take a look at my outfit below. I was feeling under the weather yesterday but had to do so many errands so this lightweight knit sweater from Rakuten was the only thing my sick body was willing to wear. I threw on the lousiest looking shorts I could find and voila, my cozy and comfortable look was complete. Clearly, I badly needed a dose of happiness. Thank God Happy Socks are now available locally (see branches here) so I was able to add a quick pick-me-upper to my outfit. I paired them with my favorite man shoes, grabbed my new camera bag from Johansen Camera bags (who provides super quick shipping from their shipping centers in the US, UK, Hong Kong and Australia) and I was out the door–with just a little happy skip in my walk.

H&M hat Rakuten sweater Mango shorts | Johansen Camera Bags Siena bagHappy Socks socks Zara shoes

50 Responses to “Dose of Happiness”
  1. Gee

    I like your H&M hat!! How much is it? I think I wanna buy, too. Also your bag, so nice! :)

  2. Patty

    Wow, Camille! I love this outfit soooo much!So perfect and I want to try if I can pull it off when our weather is much cooler.

  3. Maica

    From stunning to simple to lazy apparels, what more else can I say?! WOW! Even with the lazy clothing you still look so fab! I really adore you on how you put your clothes! No wonder why I totally love you as a blogger and as a fashion icon! :)

  4. Katrin Tuaño

    Cute lazy outfit! Still stylish as ever even in basics. I really love how everything suits you so well. I love how you styled your socks, really chic, tomboyish look. I hope you’re feeling well already by now. Hehe :)

  5. Mary Ann

    Cute quirky camille! :) Your lazy outfit is still stylish as ever. I like this kind of style Miss Camille, so comfy, a bit androgynous yet fun :)

  6. Lireyn Joy Cabiling

    Ate Camille, you are really my fashion inspiration! I completely adore everything that you wear! Hopefully one day I can have a good fashion sense as you do! Few days ago, you gave me tips for my blog and saying to just improve the visual aspects of it. I made revisions with it. My pictures got clearer and everything. Thank you so much! Hopefully I can meet you. Biggest Fan here

    • Camille Co

      Woohoo! Good for you. That’s great that you’re willing to put more effort into your blog! Thumbs up! :)

  7. Brian

    Have a dpse of happiness and good vibes noona Camille! I, as your fan, will be always here for yah!

  8. Charleen

    Why do you look so perfect in every shot? haha! Perfect as usual. Love the socks. :)

  9. Anne

    I don’t know why but this outfit looks so bloody British Cams. I love it! It must be the shoes and the socks? My sister and I have a knack for these kinds of ensembles. We do wish it was a little cooler so sweaters are more doable. But hey, we won’t say no to summer! Hehe.

  10. Janine May Coo

    Love this outfit. You’re really an inspiration. This look inspired me to mix and match and be unique.

  11. Clariss

    I super love how laid back this outfit looks! you look like those fashion tumblr famous girls from the cold countries in this post! haha :) and those socks gives happiness to the eyes of people haha!

  12. Nelayish

    Love those socks!! :) may I ask, as a fashion designer did you study sewing and pattern making? thanks where did you learned?

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