What’s Your Scent?

I’m sure we all have that one friend who always, and I mean ALWAYS, smell a certain way. He/she sticks to one perfume and that’s been his/her signature scent for years. Just a whiff of it and you’d know, even without looking, that your friend has arrived. I’m not that friend though. I’ve never been […]


Street Cred

There’s no denying that I’ve got the biggest collection of clothes in my family but ironically, I’m still the one who scours through everyone else’s closets just to find something new to wear. This time, the helpless victim was my brother. I badly needed a few boyfriend shirts to layer on because I wanted to […]


Avon Girl

A few months back, I did a shoot for Avon Fashions’ lookbook with my fellow bloggers Vern and Patrish. It’s going to be out on all Avon brochures from August 16-31, which means you’re supposed to start seeing it only byΒ tomorrow. But because I treat my readers extra special, I’m showing you the editorialΒ first! If […]


Little Bo Beep

It was raining yet again so what’s a fashion blogger got to do? Find the most decent umbrella that somehow matches my outfit haha! Hype this look on Lookbook.nu here. Look at how landi (flirtatious) my mom was back in the day. The beaded lace bodysuit I’m wearing here is actually a hand me down […]


Put Yourself In My Shoes

My assistant knew I was going to take photos of all the flats that arrived in my home these past few days. While I was working, I had no idea she already took the initiative to take photos of them! And not just any photos, she even took the liberty to position them all cute […]