What’s Your Scent?

I’m sure we all have that one friend who always, and I mean ALWAYS, smell a certain way. He/she sticks to one perfume and that’s been his/her signature scent for years. Just a whiff of it and you’d know, even without looking, that your friend has arrived. I’m not that friend though. I’ve never been one to stick to just one scent. I usually have a set of perfumes or colognes that I like to use on rotation. I’d wear them depending on my mood or where I’m going. This is why when Avon sent me its latest set of Imari scents (all with new looks), I thought I’d review and describe them by matching them with different moods and outfits. At least this way, even if you can’t smell them, you’re imagination will make you feel like you can.

Let’s start off with the Imari Classic that contains notes of sparkling citrus, opulent jasmine and addictive vanilla. It’s perfect for a first date because it smells sweet and not at all overpowering. In my opinion, it’s a great scent for making the right first impression, yet striking enough to make a lasting one. Wear it with a feminine yet not too revealing dress so that you leave a little room to the imagination. Then class it up and pair your dress with pumps and a simple evening bag.

But what if you’re in for a casual night–say, he invited you to a party? Then I say the Imari Velvet is your go-to scent. It’s an exotic blend of mandarin, peach, orange flower and other fruits rounded off with the warmth of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and balsam. The result? A gentle yet captivating scent that’s sure to get him hooked and keep him wanting to get closer to you. Up your cool girl factor even more by wearing an effortless sexy boyfriend shirt paired with shorts that show off your fabulous figure and legs. Add a little sparkle if you must so that just like your scent, your outfit gets you to stand out from the crowd.

As you get to know your special someone, more romantic dinner dates will come your way so don’t be afraid to turn things up a notch. The Imari Seduction’s hypnotic scent of luscious plum and purple orchid with tantalizing hints of warm vanilla, amber and musk is perfect for this. To me, it smells very sensual so to go with your scent, wear a tight-fitting dress with maybe a few cut outs here and there, matched with a pair of unapologetically strappy heels. All eyes are on you, girl!

Last but not the least is my favorite, the latest addition to the Imari line of scents–Imari Elixir. I find it the most fruity among all the Imari scents which is probably why I like it. It opens softly with a juicy blackberry and anchors onto the skin with rose absolute and pure vanilla extract. You know the type of perfume that you just can’t get enough of? This is it. It only gets better as you wear it longer which is why with a scent like this, you won’t be afraid to get closer. I see it as something you’d wear with a slinky silk dress that shows just the right amount of cleavage, sexy black stiletto sandals and a small clutch bag with a chain strap. It’s definitely not first date-material. More like for the fifth date–when you’re ready to get intensely close and intimate.

How about you? Which among the Imari scents from Avon do you think is for you? Since the Imari Elixir is my favorite, I’ve been using it quite a lot recently. Not that I’m always out on intimate nights and slinky silk dresses but I really just can not get enough of it. Because it’s the latest variant, the Imari Elixir is actually available for a special intro price of only P409 from September 1-15, 2015!

To get the Imari scent just for you, visit www.avon.com.ph for more info or download the Avon Brochure Mobile App to shop using your smart phones. Make sure to connect with Avon Philippines on Facebook or follow @AvonPH on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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