Perfect Beach Escape

I think I can finally say I’ve graduated from the craziness that is Laboracay. Not that I can’t stand it or anything. I don’t really mind sunset ’til sunrise beach parties filled with eager youngsters dancing the night away. I’d probably still join in on the fun. But I guess at this point in my […]


All Things Sweet

All things sweet packed in a maillot by Beyond The Beach! To those of you who are still on the lookout for a swimsuit that’s stylish yet conservative, I think this maillot is perfect. It has a wholesome vibe because of its pastel-colored print and tiny little peephole that doesn’t show too much cleavage. But […]


Smart Summer

Boracay can be the best of both worlds. It can provide relaxation and serenity. And at the same time, be the hottest place to party during summer. So which is it now? After my quiet time at Shangri-la Boracay last March (as you’ve seen in my previous posts here, here and here), I went back to my […]


Skittle Skies

There’s nothing more romantic than staring at the sunset with the sounds of the waves crashing on the background. I wasn’t a beach baby before but as you can probably tell from all my beach posts, I became a convert somewhere along the way. I love everything about it–the food, the environment, the lifestyle and even the […]


Sunset Hits

You haven’t truly experienced a beautiful sunset if you’ve never been to Boracay. No really. Not to brag or anything but we have the BEST beach sunsets EVER. No other place can compare. Others may have their castles, palaces, temples, cathedrals and ruins BUT when it comes to beaches, we take the cake. (Ibigay mo na. Sa […]


Let’s Chase The Sun

I can never stay put in one place for a long time. I think that’s pretty obvious. Every few months or so, I long to travel the world and see something new. This is why I love the “Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge“–a month long event from April 14 to May 11 across 9 countries in the […]


Travel With Purpose

The main reason why I visited Boracay last February was actually for TOMS One For One campaign. If you’re not familiar with this, this basically means that for every pair of TOMS shoes you purchase, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to the less fortunate. Same goes for TOMS eyewear. For every TOMS eyewear you […]


Golden Glow

How fitting is it that I’m typing this beach post taken at Boracay last month from my hotel room in Boracay now? Yes I’m back in the island again. I used to think I wasn’t a beach baby but it seems like I am. I can’t remember how many times I’ve visited this island already. […]


I’m Summer Ready

Whenever summer rolls in, I get more and more allergic to the thought of sleeves and basically anything long. Aside from obvious reasons based on fashion trends, it’s just more comfortable and practical to wear less cloth. LOL! The heat can get  unbearable especially here in our country! The only things welcome in my summer […]


Bikini Ready

A few weeks ago, I, together with Laureen, was flew into Cebu by MAC Cosmetics for their Archie’s Girls Collection launch. Fortunately, we had a free day so we forced our good friend Kryz who then forced her friends to take us to the beach. They ended up taking us to this newly renovated beach […]

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