Unleash Your Creativity

Tic Tac–I feel like I’ve known and loved this brand since forever. Before I even learned what mints were, I was already shaking Tic Tac at home, thinking it was some toy. I’m sure you’re all familiar with that signature Tic Tac rattle I’m talking about, not to mention that flip top flap sound it […]


Ready For The Battle

Remember when I told you I was looking for members to form Team Camille for Style Ko Ayos Dito challenge against Team David and Team Patricia? (Read the blog post here.) Well, I found them already! Woohoo! If you’re one of the lucky 10, this means I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for our pre-styling meet-up. Using the […]


Blog Giveaway: Slingshot Bagwell (CLOSED)

Yes, I admit. I’m a shopaholic. Although my addiction has gotten better through the years, it has become increasingly hard to fight it–especially now that shopping is basically just a click away. All the effort I put into not going into stores whenever I’m at the mall goes down the drain the minute I see a pretty […]


Do The Wakudoki

This is what the beach does to me. I turn into an overly giddy person who runs all over the place like crazy. This stolen shot of me running to my friend who’s sunbathing peacefully in Bali is proof enough, yes? I was so hyper I was actually this close to asking them to do […]


Blog Giveaway: Win Roundtrip Tickets To Korea! (CLOSED)

I always say, my favorite luxury is traveling. Nothing beats the experience of going to a foreign place, visiting its points of interest, eating its local delicacies, meeting its people and learning its culture. This is why I love sharing my travels with you. It’s my own little way of showing you just how beautiful […]


Love Your Hair

My hairstylist tells me I’m so fickle when it comes to my hair. I get bored with it easily so I always bug her about changing my hair color. I used to plead with her all the time to allow me to change it and she’d always say no. Now though, we’ve learned to compromise. […]


It’s A Hair Affair

You may not want to admit it, but I’m sure you care more about your hair than you’re willing to admit. And why wouldn’t you? Your hair contributes greatly to your appearance and a bad hair day can be a major buzz kill. Yes, this may sound superficial but it’s the truth and you know […]


Triple Treats

Hey hey! I come bearing good news! I don’t know if you’ve passed by a Watsons store lately, but if you have, I’m sure you’ve already seen the Watsons Triple Treats posters plastered all over. Now before you move along and ignore them, I urge you to stop, look and listen (yes, I sang these […]


Blog Giveaway: LAYKH Exotic Leather Bag (CLOSED)

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Here’s my Chinese New Year gift to you guys–a chance to win an exotic leather bag from luxury brand Laykh, brought to you by my good friends over at SLATE DESIGN.  Slate Design is a brand strategy and creative agency that specializes in designing impactful visual stories for beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. […]


Blog Giveaway: Elements (CLOSED)

The holidays have already passed. Sooner than later, we’ll say goodbye to the cold weather we’ve been enjoying these past few months and give the warm summer sun a big fat welcome. Before you know it, it’s time to schedule summer activities once again. Keep those boots in your closets and bring out your flipflops! […]