Beat Of The Street

My skin got a little darker coming from the beach so I’m making the most out of it! I know, I know, it’s not a HUGE difference. But when you’re like me who rarely get a tan, you’d be happy with even the slightest sign of change in your skin color. You’d go, “Oh is […]


Where’d my Bangs Go?!?

Gasp! Where’d my bangs go? It’s the case of the missing fringe! LOL! I decided to change my hairstyle for this look. What do you think? My bangs have always been my safety blanket so this was quite a big step for me. I always feel self-conscious without them, but for some reason, I woke […]


Start Of A New Dynasty

This top reminds me so much of my high school days when we had countless hours of Chinese history classes. Who would’ve thought fashion would ever remind me of those? LOL! Not that they’re bad memories, I was quite good at them actually. I found our Chinese subjects easy. And out of all of them, […]


Powder Trees

You’re probably wondering why the title. I desperately wanted my title to have the word “trees” in it. All I could think of was “Neon Trees”, like the popular band. But since there’s nothing neon here, I went with “Powder Trees” instead. So lame, so so lame. What’s even worse is that I’m still trying […]


Lady Spring

In a few hours, I’ll be flying back home to Manila and I can not be more excited about this. Don’t get me wrong, traveling to Europe is one of my favorite luxuries in life but with my unread email count now at 1,408 and more, add to that the nonstop text messages I’ve been […]


I’m Summer Ready

Whenever summer rolls in, I get more and more allergic to the thought of sleeves and basically anything long. Aside from obvious reasons based on fashion trends, it’s just more comfortable and practical to wear less cloth. LOL! The heat can get ¬†unbearable especially here in our country! The only things welcome in my summer […]


Brighter Days Are Ahead

I’m sure all of you know how much I love prints! When I first laid eyes on this, I knew I had to have it. It’s such a funky looking top, it’s hard to miss! I know a lot of you are looking for ways to spice up your wardrobe. Printed tops in simple silhouettes […]


Gold Delight

Hello again blogging world! It’s been 3 days since my last post, I hope I was greatly missed. *cough cough* :) Anyway, if you’re wondering what’s up, work and my new laptop kept me away from my blog–work because it’s prom season now and a lot of girls are coming in to have their gowns […]


Light Up Your Christmas

I’ve already told you guys how much of a sucker I am for Christmas and everything related to it. This time of the year always takes me to my happy place even if it’s the most stressful, traffic-heavy and busiest month of the year. No one and nothing can ever rain on my parade–not even […]


V For Victory

I’ve never seen so much stripes and geometric patterns in one outfit! Talk about making a bold statement! I actually wore this to the Kickers x Bauhaus launch back in November so please excuse my Halloween nail art care of Nail Spa Lounge. It’s been such a long time since I last wore a bold […]