Forest Green

Here’s another one of the many old outfits I haven’t blogged about. I remember having so many meetings that day so I wanted to dress in such a way that would make people believe I’m a grown 24-year-old woman instead of a teen. What do you think? Was I successful? I didn’t want to dress […]


Look For The Rainbow

Forever dilemma of a fashion blogger: OH NO! THE SUN’S GOING DOWN! SHOOOOOOT! It’s been so long since I last piled on this much accessories. I wanted to create a focal point in my outfit through my necklaces since the rest of the pieces I’m wearing are pretty basic and casual. Hype this look on […]


Little Bo Beep

It was raining yet again so what’s a fashion blogger got to do? Find the most decent umbrella that somehow matches my outfit haha! Hype this look on here. Look at how landi (flirtatious) my mom was back in the day. The beaded lace bodysuit I’m wearing here is actually a hand me down […]