Weekend Getaway

A long time ago, I was asked about what I love most about living in Metro Manila. I said I love that it gives me the best of both worlds–the bustling metropolitan and then just a few hours away, the unpretentious beauty of nature. Resorts, beaches and various getaways are just a short road trip […]


To The Max

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you. I am now a carrot top! Move over, Archie! I’m not used to it still but I needed to dye my hair this color in order to transition from a dark red to a lighter color, so I’m stuck with this for now. It’s slowly growing on me […]


Things We Love Contest

One of my favorite brands, Kate Spade, is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year! I can’t believe this forever youthful brand has been around that long already! To celebrate, Kate Spade┬áhas something special for you! But before that, I have to ask, is there anyone who isn’t familiar with Kate Spade┬áhere? If you aren’t, you […]


Candy Land

I love this dress! It sends out so much positive energy, doesn’t it? It’s just so happy-looking. I never thought I’d ever use an emotion to describe a dress…but just look at these colors! It’s not possible to look gloomy and sad in an outfit like this! I wasn’t the only one who fell head […]


Little Miss Sunshine

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine. I got a love and I know that it’s all mine, oh, oh oh oh! I can’t seem to take Natasha Bedingfield’s song out of my mind whenever I look at these photos. This is how little miss sunshine should dress up, don’t you think? Hearts […]


Greener Pastures

Finally! I’m able to blog again, not without much difficulty though. My internet here in Florence is so bad. It takes me TEN YEARS to upload one photo! LOL! But you know me, I tried and tried until I succeeded. So before I go around the city and take in the sights of Florence once […]


Double Slit

One slit isn’t enough, I need two! :) You can’t see it here but if you look at the rest of my photos, you’ll see that there are slits on both sides of my skirt. Well actually, they’re not really slits. They just look like slits because of the way my skirt was made. The […]


Designer Duty

Intramuros is really so picturesque. If only I could take outfit shots here everyday, I would. If you’re wondering what I’m doing here, it was because one of my brides got married at Intramuros’ San Agustin Church last December 2. As a designer, it’s my duty to personally be with my bride and her entourage […]


V For Victory

I’ve never seen so much stripes and geometric patterns in one outfit! Talk about making a bold statement! I actually wore this to the Kickers x Bauhaus launch back in November so please excuse my Halloween nail art care of Nail Spa Lounge. It’s been such a long time since I last wore a bold […]


Bold And Bright

Bold and bright–that’s how I describe this dress. The print and colors are just so out there, you don’t really need to do much with this dress to get noticed. Its simple silhouette and design are more than enough to offset the loudness of the print. Speaking of which, doesn’t the print remind you of […]

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