Travel Diary: Asakusa + Tokyo Runway

If Europe has its cathedrals, Asia has its temples. This is why a trip to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one of its famous shrines. During my trip to Tokyo last year, I visited Meiji Shrine. This year, we decided to go to Sensō-ji, a popular Buddhist temple located at Asakusa. Comparing […]


Travel Diary: Sushi, Kimonos and Nihonbashi

Here we go! 40+ photos of my first snaps in Tokyo. I tried my best to lessen them but I just couldn’t resist not posting them here. I’m such a photo-hoarder, I know. In my defense, I merely want you to experience Tokyo the way I did. And there’s no better way than to show […]


Cool Japan

As many of you may already know, I just recently visited Tokyo upon the invitation of Google Japan and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). I, along with Laureen and Tricia, were the Philippine representatives or ambassadors of METI’s special project called Cool Japan. This project is a government-funded initiative that aims to […]


Decked Out In Giordano Concepts

There’s a new Giordano Concepts store in town and it’s at the recently launched wing of Megamall–the Mega Fashion Hall. Last week,  I was fortunate enough to attend the well-loved apparel brand’s grand opening as one of its style icons, along with my fellow bloggers, celebrities and models. Champagne, delectable treats, amazing styling, easy shopping […]


To Universal!

These crazy kids are ready to hit Universal Studios! It’s actually my second time to visit Singapore’s theme park so I’m quite prepared–cap, muscle tee, shorts and most importantly, a pair of sneakers and a bag that I won’t mind getting dirty! It’s time to bring out the kid in me once again! I don’t […]


Closer Than Ever At Malaysia

A few weeks back, I escaped to Malaysia with my blogger besties care of Access Travel & Tours. Angely of Access Travel arranged our flights and accommodations so it was such a stress-free vacation for all of us! Thank you Angely! Now before I go on about my adventures with my blogger besties in Malaysia’s […]


Preview Best Dressed 2013

To those who were wondering why I didn’t include my Preview Magazine feature on my previous blog post, “Hot Off The Press“, it’s because I prepared a special behind-the-scenes blog post for it! Hooray, hooray! So before we dive into the BTS photos, here’s the actual feature from Preview Magazine’s July 2013 issue. That’s me […]


Hot Off The Press

Well not really. I haven’t been diligent when it comes to collecting features and editorials I’ve been part of (especially the ones abroad *tear*). And the ones that I’ve managed to pick up however, I’m only able to share with you now. But, as the saying goes, better late than never, so here are a […]


Run For It

Who says fashion bloggers can’t rock a simple t-shirt? We can’t always be in pretty dresses and complicated clothing! We’ve got our days off too. But even so, that doesn’t mean we have to be any less stylish, right? Even in the good old shirt and jeans combo. Trends come and go but t-shirts and […]


Collection Is Here!

You’ve probably already heard this but I’ll announce it again anyways. UK’s most fashionable makeup brand, Collection, is finally in the Philippines!!!! Woohoo!! And guess who’s one of the brand ambassadors for Collection? She’s none other than the girl in the mirror! LOL! How dramatic. This is me, hours before the Colour Out Loud party, […]