VLOG: Taipei with Laureen Uy and Our Blogger Boyfriends

The #Joggy #Camireen tandems are real! So real that we decided to go on our first out of the country double date! For those of you who are not in the know, #Camireen is the couple name we jokingly came up with for my blogger bestie Laureen and I. While #Joggy, on the other hand, is the couple name for our boyfriends Joni and Miggy. (Our boyfriends are so loved up they’re making us jealous. Lol) It’s always a riot when the four of us get together so we thought, why not travel together?

So last June, that’s just what we did. All 4 of us jetted off to Taipei for a quick few days of fun, food and shopping. So how did it go? Watch the video to find out! I promise a lot of hilarious moments await you. We’re a pretty funny group. #SelfClaimed

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9 Responses to “VLOG: Taipei with Laureen Uy and Our Blogger Boyfriends”
  1. Love, Amielle

    Yay! A new post!! And you don’t have to self-claim that you’re funny kasi funny talaga kayo kapag magkakasama kayo. Extra props to the jowas! Hahahaha

    • Camille Co

      Haha! Paano if I’m alone!!! I’m still funny right? LOL! just kidding :)

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