VLOG: Makeup Tutorial: Transition Day to Night Smokey Eyes

Wooot! Another vlog! Presenting my first ever video tutorial on how to do daytime smokey eye makeup and eventually transition it quickly for night. I enlisted the help of one of my favorite makeup artists, Owen Sarmiento, to guide me through this tutorial. It’s super short and simple but if you want a more detailed […]


So Much Beauty

SM Makati’s SM Store Beauty Section just got a makeover and I was there to welcome it with open arms! Who wouldn’t when you’ve got this much beauty going on? It’s every girls paradise, with all our favorite makeup, skincare and hair brands under one roof. Not only that, free skin consultation, makeovers, nail art […]


Don’t Break The China

Showing off my Chinese features in this china print ensemble! What do you think? It’s funny how people always mistake me as a Korean or Japanese, when in truth I’m actually Chinese. Maybe it’s the reason why I love china patterns so much. They’re just so feminine, dainty and regal. Actually, if you look closely, […]


Greener Pastures

Finally! I’m able to blog again, not without much difficulty though. My internet here in Florence is so bad. It takes me TEN YEARS to upload one photo! LOL! But you know me, I tried and tried until I succeeded. So before I go around the city and take in the sights of Florence once […]


Reporting For Duty

Camille Co, reporting for duty! I didn’t really notice it at first but my cap actually matches my camou top, doesn’t it? I can pretend to give first aid care. Although I doubt anyone would trust me with their health problems, especially in an outfit like this. Yes, you’re eyes are not deceiving you. I […]


Cream & Gold

Last month, I got invited by MAC Cosmetics to fly to Cebu for their Archie’s Girls collection launch there. I wasn’t able to attend the launch of the collection here in Manila so I was really looking forward to this one. Here’s what I wore to the launch. It’s just a simple blouse and skater […]


Beauty Loot

It’s been a long time since I last blogged about what’s new in my beauty box so here it is! For all of you who have been requesting for one, I hope you’ll find something you like here. Charm┬áleopard brush set, retractable brushes and brush covers Let’s start off with the brushes. Charm brushes have […]


Ready For New Year

We’ve already welcomed 2013 but it’s only about to arrive this weekend based on the Lunar calendar. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, I figured I’ll wear something inspired by the occasion to help you decide what to wear come February 10. Polka dots–lots of them! They’re shaped like coins which is why […]


Gold Delight

Hello again blogging world! It’s been 3 days since my last post, I hope I was greatly missed. *cough cough* :) Anyway, if you’re wondering what’s up, work and my new laptop kept me away from my blog–work because it’s prom season now and a lot of girls are coming in to have their gowns […]


Ruby Woo In Blue

Remember when I told you I’ve decided to try red lipsticks? Well well, I have already started building my red lippie collection and it’s now safe to say that I have enough to satisfy my sudden urge to go red. Let’s start with the most famous one shall we? MAC’s Ruby Woo! I got it […]

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