Don’t Break The China


Showing off my Chinese features in this china print ensemble! What do you think? It’s funny how people always mistake me as a Korean or Japanese, when in truth I’m actually Chinese. Maybe it’s the reason why I love china patterns so much. They’re just so feminine, dainty and regal.


Actually, if you look closely, the print on my skirt isn’t exactly a china pattern. If I remember correctly, the original description for it was gothic. I can see why. But because it’s in blue and white, I can’t seem to shake off the china pattern image.


And you know what looks good with blue and white, right? RED! Remember before when I used to avoid red lipsticks like a plague? Thank God I’ve seen the light. *Pats self on the back* I feel like such a lady now. LOL!


And oh how I missed doing this hairstyle! Lakas maka-girl! 


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Lannel Boutique MAC Ronnie Red lipstick


Chanel earrings SM Accessories hairpin | Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell lash extensions


Cornwall Street necklace


Persun Mall top


Modekungen skirt


Celine bag


Sergio Rossi heels

130 Responses to “Don’t Break The China”
  1. Dheya Suzuki

    aw. in my case naman, I’m always mistaken for being Chinese but in fact I’m Japanese. hahaha.

    love love the prints. and the red lippie suits you well.

  2. Yanshi

    Fab!! The prints are awesome :)) Hair and the red lipstick- two thumbs up!! :)))

  3. Christine Koay

    You look like an oriental beauty here, Ms Camille! So classy and lady! I love the detail of your top’s collar and sleeve.. gorgeous print.. and the skirt is unique too.. and red lips definitely suits you! <3

  4. Jess Brito

    Hi! Just want to ask where did you buy your celine bag and approximately how much is it? I really want a mini one like yours :)

    • Camille Co

      Yes of course! Fil Chi! :) But I was just talking about my ancestry/lineage :)

  5. sarabloger

    Hi Camille

    I think your outfit is impecable and has the perfect air of formal for a casual look. The asian prints look really nice with your skin tone and you have such a beautiful face.
    If you could check out my blog it would be such an honor. I’m not the best blogger so if you could leave me some tips in a reply or in a comment on my blog that would be really nice.
    I hope I don’t sound imposing


    • Camille Co

      Thanks Sara! You seem so young! :) I suggest making your photos a bit bigger. :) Make sure to align them as well. :)

  6. sherly

    first time commenting on your blog after reading your blog for quite some time.
    i really love the outfit on this post ^^ u look really pretty! :)

  7. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    Two thumbs up!!! you look so classy and dainty!!! love the blue, white and red color palette!!!

  8. Queendeng

    You`re so fab and gorgeous talaga Ms.Camille once again thanks for the passes! saw you last night fab as ever <3

  9. gemUPS

    hi camille, I just really love this post. The outfit looks really good on you. Just have a question, how can I channel that look when I’m so short and not as thin as you?
    Thank you so much!!!

    • Camille Co

      No problem with this! The skirt is pretty short so your height wouldn’t be a problem :) If you’re not comfortable showing your hips, then you can try a-line skirts :)

  10. Sarah

    So random but what colour are ur eyes? They look green in these photos, very pretty outfit by the way and flawless skin! :)

  11. Isabelle

    by the way this outfit is really prettyyyy i love your blog so much! I’m trying to check out all of your posts :)

  12. Isabelle

    Hi camille! i saw your instagram post with your really cute iphone and powerbank. I was wondering where you get iphone skins and where you got the cute home button sticker? :) thanks!

  13. Alice

    Gorgeous! Loooove the skirt. Just curious: where do you actually wear the outfits you post? :) Also I love your eyes! Are you wearing contact lenses?

  14. Lourine

    If I didn’t know better, I might be thinking that you have a korean blood too. Thanks to the Co in Camille Co. Hehe. Lakas maka-Chinita Lady. Cute :)

  15. maebs

    Feminine na feminine ang vibes :-) love your lipstick bagay na bagay po sayo and dahil po sa pattern and aura nyo po makikita po talagang chinese ka :-)

  16. Marnelli

    I’m also glad you turned around for the red lippie. It’s just magic with Chinese/Asian features – kinda like how iconic it looks on Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper).
    There should be a figurine of you with this outfit on :D

    • Camille Co

      LOL! That would be cool and kind of freaky haha! Thanks Marnelli!

  17. Crystal

    I just laughed all throughout the entire post when you said “lakas maka-girl!” LOL true enough. Pretty as always, Miss Camille! <3

  18. Annabelle

    I wouldn’t have thought to pair blue china print with red! *takes notes*
    Also, red lipstick really suits you!

  19. Nellie

    Such a beautiful outfit! It looks amazing with your fair skin tone <3 And the red lipstick looks good on you! ;)

  20. Anne

    I love china prints too! There’s something so regal and historic about them. It’s like visiting an old enchanted world. Haha. Oopsies. Cray cray overdramatic imagination! Haha. I love the styling Camille as always! Plus, blue’s my fave color so double ganda points! ;)

  21. Haley

    Hey, Camille love the outfit! Gorgeous as always. :) So I feel like this is kind of weird, but I love your hair color and I was wondering if you’d call it like an Auburn type color?? I’m thinking of dying my hair something like that but I’m not entirely sure what to look for.

  22. Alvonne

    Hi Ms. Camille :-) you look so pretty (as always) and you look like an expensive porcelain doll! I love how you matched the patterns and good choice of lip color :) red seems to make you glow more.

  23. Christina

    Hello Ms Camille! Since we’re at the topic of being chinese, do you speak Mandarin/Fukien fluently? Or if not, do you ever speak within the family just a little bit?

    • Camille Co

      We speak Fukien at home then Mandarin back in preschool until high school :)

  24. Reena

    Soooooooo nice! Pwedeng suotin sa office or sa mga meetings. I love the color contrast. :) Ang sosy tignan!

  25. Sephie Rojas

    Is that shade of lipstick the Red lippie from the Archie collection? @o@ I love how it’s not the deep shade of red ala “French Spy undercover at a gala” kind of red, with matching LBD and pearls (nuks, may ganong description? Haha!) I’m sure I’ll see the light in a few years too. In about, 4-5 years from now? Lolz :P People mistake me for Japanese-Korean-Chinese often too. There was a time they thought I was Thai rin, natawa ako :))) Never heard that one coming. But yeah, mej gothic cathedral yung design nung skirt. It’s like if Gothic Cathedral had a love child with Chinese Porcelain, it’d be that skirt, haha! :P

    • Camille Co

      Haha! Talagang may ganung description? :) Yes it’s from the Archie’s Girls collection :)

  26. Don Losentes

    you’re pure chinese? but you’re citizen here right? :))
    PS: I super love your red Celine bag! haha :))

    • Camille Co

      Yes born and raised here. My mom would say, “locally assembled” LOL!

  27. lauirce

    Hi miss Camille,
    I like your outfit it looks great in the eyes because of the color combination and the printed details of your top is super nice! But the thing that i really(100x) love is your hairstyle, it look goods on you.

  28. Lukie Chu

    hooo! i like it! <3 this is the first time i saw you using this kind of hairstyle, it's so cool :))) buti pa ako alam ko na chinese ka para di nako nagkakamali hehehehhehe ;D your outfit made my day! ^_^

  29. beLLurz

    wow! so gorgeous! i do really love your bag Camille!!! since red is my fave color! haha

  30. Ren

    It’s totally regal and lakas ma ka girl! Everything was just perfectly matched like it is meant for each other, isn’t it? Blue and White colors really makes you feel cool and great cause it’s also my fave colors (haha, biased lang!) ;)

  31. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    It’s refreshing to see you in a different hair do! Lakas makabagets look! I remember I used to pin my hair like that also when I was in grade school! time flies really fast :(( definitely love the print,esp the color, of top and skirt!

    PS Can you please wear flats naman on your next entry? So we’re updated which flats’ style are in trend ;)

  32. Tasha D.

    Perfect outfit! LOVE! Camille! Take photos naman lagi of your full body shots na either side view o kaya back view para makita namin how high your heels are! :D pag close up kasi sa heels, di namin masyado ma-realize kung gaano sya kataas. haha!

    Speaking of China, naalala ko tuloy bigla yung Opening Ceremony ng 2008 Olympics sa Beijing! Have you seen it? IT WAS SOOOOOO UNBELIEVABLY AMAAAAAAAAAZING. I can only imagine the fulfilment of the performers pagkatapos nila mag-perform! The people who got to witness it live was lucky! Kainggit! haha!

    • Camille Co

      Yes! That was quite the show! :) Sige I will :) Every now and then :)

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